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Knitting Tutorials

From gauge to blocking, knitting cables, and much more, these free knitting tutorials will help you advance your craft!

Strawberry Seed Knitting Stitch

The Strawberry Seed Stitch

The Strawberry Seed knitting stitch pattern will help you add a little special touch to a blanket or cardigan. This stitch pattern is perfect for beginners looking to shake…

Cable Rib knitting stitch pattern

The Cable Rib Stitch

The Cabled Rib knitting stitch pattern is a little twist on traditional ribbing. This stitch would add some wonderful texture to the border of a garment. Don’t let the…

Vertical Lines Stitch

The Vertical Lines Stitch

The Vertical Lines stitch is exactly what it sounds like. This knit stitch tutorial will teach you how to modify a simple garter stitch to create vertical lines in…

free lace knitting stitch pattern

The Lace Vines Stitch

The delicate textured appearance of the Lace Vines Stitch will make it your new favorite lace knitting stitch pattern! With my step-by-step instructions, this tutorial is perfect for beginner…

Mini Squares knit stitch tutorial

The Mini Squares Stitch

The thick textured look of the Mini Squares knitting stitch makes it perfect for a men’s garment. The reversibility makes it wonderful for a blanket or scarf. I’ll walk…

Horseshoe Cable knit stitch pattern

The Horseshoe Cable Stitch

Learn how to knit the Horseshoe Cable stitch with this easy knit stitch pattern tutorial. This fun bold stitch really pops on solid-colored garments and blankets. The best part…

Seed Rib knit stitch tutorial

The Seed Rib Stitch

The Seed Rib Stitch is a play on the traditional rib stitch. With this knit stitch tutorial, you’ll end up with thick textured rows you’ll want to incorporate into…

Lattern Stitch - easy knit stitch pattern

The Ladder Stitch

The Ladder Stitch is a beautiful knit stitch pattern that works wonderfully for shawls and summer garments. Add a little interest to any project by incorporating the ladder stitch…

Simple Lacy Knit Stitch Pattern

The Simple Lacy Stitch

This Simple Lacy stitch is a light airy knit stitch pattern that works up easily and makes a simple lacy pattern. The best part is, it’s completely reversible, so…