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Knitting Tutorials

From gauge to blocking, knitting cables, and much more, these free knitting tutorials will help you advance your craft!

Wave Stitch knitting stitch for beginners. This red textured easy knit stitch features a chevron pattern, and is laying on a wooden table next to a mug of tea.

The Wave Stitch

The Wave Stitch is a wonderful knitting stitch for beginners. If you’re looking for a knit stitch pattern that’s fun in both texture and appearance, this is it! Chevrons…

10 free knit stitch patterns

10 Days of Free Knitting Stitch Patterns

Are you ready to explore new stitch patterns and skills? You enjoyed the Crochet Stitch Exploration event so much I decided to throw a knit version. Make sure you pin…

how to cable knit

How to Knit Cables for Beginners?

One of the techniques that intimidated me the most when I started knitting was how to knit cables. Cables look very impressive, but they’re not as hard as they…

The Ultimate Guide to Knitting Needles

The Ultimate Guide to Knitting Needles

You’ve just started knitting and discover some unknown knitting jargon in your pattern’s material list? Or maybe you’ve been knitting for a while but you’re still confused about all…