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Pretty Spring Dress crochet pattern FREE

Pretty Spring Dress Free Crochet Pattern

You’ll love this Pretty Spring Dress crochet pattern. There’s no increases or decreases or fancy stitch count, making it the perfect lace crochet dress pattern for beginners. The Pretty…

how to crochet a magic ring step 12

How to Crochet a Magic Ring?

Have you selected a pattern to make and it doesn’t begin with the traditional chain? Then it probably begins with something like “sc 6 in a magic circle”. Not…

Potholder crochet pattern

Candy Potholder Crochet Pattern

Crochet for home decor is one of my favorite types of crochet. I love to create everyday objects in crochet. Usually, they’re simple objects I use all the time…

Chair socks free crochet pattern

Crochet Chair Socks Pattern

Ditch those annoying felt pads on the bottom of your chair legs, and upgrade to these adorable crochet chair socks. They’ll protect your floors, silence your chairs, and the…