Gauge for Knitting & Crochet

In this Ebook I share everything you need to know about gauge for knitting & crochet:

→ What is gauge

→ Knitting vs crochet

→ Why you need a gauge swatch

→ How to make a good gauge swatch

→ What to do when you don’t meet gauge

Hi, I’m Hortense!

A passionate knitting and crochet addict. Recently I decided to share my passion for yarn with the world and created my blog Knitting with Chopsticks where I share my easy knitting and crochet patterns and help you learn how to use them.

I want to help YOU:

  • take your projects to the next level
  • show you how easy difficult looking projects can be
  • make sure you can adapt and adjust my patterns the way you want so you can create your own yarn paradise.

All my patterns are a beginner to easy level, in English and using standard knitting and crochet terms BUT with tons of step by step pictures and more detailed explanations to make sure they are extra easy to follow even if you’re not a knit/crochet expert.

You can find an ad-supported free version of my patterns here on the blog. I also offer an ad-free PDF version for a small fee.