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Sweaters & Cardigans

You’ll find a project for every season with my sweater and cardigan patterns. From oversized bulky and warm to fitted and light-weight, there is something for everyone and every style.

easy crochet cardigan pattern free

Lucie Crochet Cardigan

A new easy crochet cardigan pattern – the Lucie Cardigan – is now a free crochet pattern on the blog. Read about my inspiration and the cardigan construction. Then purchase the…

cardigan knitting pattern FREE

Biased Cardigan Knitting Pattern

A new chunky knit cardigan pattern – the Biased Cardigan is a new free knitting pattern on the blog. Read about my inspiration and the cardigan construction. Then purchase the pdf…

bumpy sweater free crochet sweater pattern in the round

Beads and Bobbles Sweater Crochet Pattern

This free top down crochet sweater pattern is made of alternating stripes of puffs, beads, and bobbles. And if you think that’s fun to say, just wait until you…

Mathilda's Easy Crochet Cardigan Pattern FREE

Mathilda’s Easy Crochet Cardigan Pattern

This easy puffed sleeve crochet cardigan pattern is a fun beginner-friendly way to create a women’s sweater you’ll love for a lifetime. The oversized puffed sleeves and elegantly fitted…

cardigan knitting pattern

Apricity Cardigan Knitting Pattern

This cozy oversized cardigan knitting pattern features an easy garter and stockinette stitch and simple construction. My easy step-by-step instructions make this the perfect sweater pattern for beginners looking…

Hometown Chunky Cardigan Crochet Pattern FREE

Hometown Chunky Cardigan Crochet Pattern

The Hometown chunky cardigan crochet pattern is an easy oversized sweater that you can throw over anything. You’ll stay warm and stylish in this oversized sweater, perfect for laying…

free poncho knitting pattern

Watercolor Poncho Knitting Pattern

A free poncho knitting pattern – my Watercolor Poncho is a new free knitting pattern here on the blog! Read about my inspiration and the easy construction, or scroll on…

hooded vest crochet pattern FREE

Your Dusk Hooded Vest

A new hooded vest crochet pattern – Your Dusk Hooded Vest – is now a free pattern on the blog. Read all about my inspiration, the collection it is…

Free Knit and crochet sweater patterns for every season

11 Sweaters for Every Season

Raise your hand if you love a good cozy sweater!  I know I’m not alone in this. Even in the warmer months, I always keep a sweater on hand…