Alpine Crochet Dishcloth Pattern

alpine crochet dishcloth pattern

A new crochet dishcloth pattern, the Alpline Dishcloth, is now a free crochet pattern here on the blog. Read about my inspiration, the best yarn for dishcloths and the classic stitch it features or scroll down for the free dishcloth crochet pattern.

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graphic featuring a close up photo of the alpine stitch and another of the alpine crochet dishcloth pattern finished and says "alpine crochet dishcloth crochet for beginners"

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a photo of the finalized alpine crochet dishcloth pattern

The Alpine Dishcloth Crochet Pattern will do wonders for a kitchen. Imagine this: You wake up and decide to make the seemingly mundane day a special one. Happily, you whip up a delicious breakfast for your favorite people. Next, you enjoy a delicious meal all while laughing and listening to the sweet hum of conversation.

Finally, you muster the motivation to tidy up. Grabbing your newly crocheted dishcloth, you then get to work. Eventually, you smile and think “life is beautiful and this dishcloth crochet pattern is just one more example of all of that beauty that I got to bring into the world”.

Okay, maybe your mornings don’t quite look like this. Maybe it’s more along the lines of throwing a waffle in the toaster and then, if the kitchen is lucky, a swipe of the counter with a dishcloth. Either way, you KNOW it will be that much easier when you finally add a beautiful dishcloth to get you through.

The Alpine Dishcloth Crochet Pattern is simple to follow and equally important, will give your kitchen a tiny upgrade. Featuring the beautifully textured Alpine stitch, it’s a great way to learn a new stitch.

Best Yarn for Crochet Dishcloths

Crochet dishcloths come in all sizes and shapes. Some prefer bigger ones, other smaller ones. For me, it depends on what I’m going to use it for. That’s why I’ve included 2 sizes for this crochet dishcloth pattern!

But, one thing most people can agree on is that cotton is the best material for dishcloths. It’s affordable, soaks up any water or liquid (ideal to clean up the kitchen) and doesn’t shrink.

Dishie is WeCrochet’s super affordable (and surprisingly soft!) worsted-weight cotton yarn. The name already tells you, it’s been developed with dishcloths, towels, and other kitchen items in mind.

Downloadable PDF Crochet Dishcloth Pattern Set

The Alpine crochet dishcloth pattern is the first pattern of the Classic Dishcloth Set, a set of 5 dishcloth patterns featuring classic textured crochet stitches for the perfect farmhouse crochet dishcloth set.

All 5 patterns feature a stitch based on front post / back post double crochet stitches giving these dishcloths amazing texture.

Find the other dishcloths patterns here:

The other dishcloth patterns will be released on the blog soon but you can already grab the convenient printable PDF with all 5 crochet dishcloth patterns.

Grab the printable PDF set of crochet dishcloths patterns now in my Etsy shop or on Ravelry.

click here to purchase the printable pdf of all 5 classic dishcloth patterns

The Alpine Crochet Dishcloth Pattern Stitch

The unique Alpine Crochet Stitch gives this crochet dishcloth pattern its individuality.

Check out the video below to see how it comes together and then, view the crochet dishcloth pattern below!

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Before you Begin your Alpine Crochet Dishcloth Pattern


  • WeCrochet Dishie (worsted weight, 100% cotton, 174m/190yd, 100g/3.5oz):
    • 1 skein in off white


The gauge for this pattern is 15 st by 9 rows in alpine stitch pattern for a 10 cm by 10 cm square (4” by 4”). The gauge is not crucial for this pattern.


The dishcloth crochet pattern is available in 2 sizes; small and big:

  • The small size is about 16 cm / 6” square.
  • The big size is about 22 cm / 8.5” square.

    Sizes are written small (big) throughout the pattern.

    You can easily adapt the size to your desired project size. Stitch repeats are given below.


This pattern uses US notations.

  • st = stitch
  • ch = chain
  • sc = single crochet
  • dc = double crochet
  • hdc = half double crochet
  • fpdc = front post double crochet
  • sl st = slip stitch


Work instructions between [] the indicated number of times or until the end of the row/round.
Instructions between () are worked in the same stitch/space.

The final number of stitches is indicated at the end of the row/round between < >.

The turning ch 1, ch 2 don’t count as stitches throughout the pattern except if mentioned.

The pattern is written in crochet shorthand. For example:

  • “sc 1” means to single crochet in the next stitch,
  • “sc 2” means to single crochet in each of the next 2 stitches,
  • and “2 sc” means to single crochet twice in the next st.

Stitch Multiple

The Alpine stitch pattern needs an uneven number of stitches; your starting chain will be an uneven number + 1 for an extra turning chain.

Special Stitches

Front post double crochet (fpdc):

  • Yarn over, insert hook from front to back to front behind the double crochet
    post below (in this case the double crochet is 2 rows below), yarn over, and pull
    up a long loop (3 loops on hook).
working around the dc post 2 rows below
pull all loops to the current row height
  • Yarn over and pull through 2 loops (2 loops on hook), yarn over, and pull through the remaining loops.
finished front post double crochet
skip the corresponding stitch on the working row

Tips and Tricks for the Alpine Stitch Pattern

  • The stitch pattern is a repeat of sc rows and dc/fpdc rows.
  • The fpdc are worked in the dc right below it, 2 rows down.
  • If the stitch 2 rows below is a dc, then fpdc in it. If it’s a fpdc, then dc in it.
  • Because the fpdc stitches are worked in the dc 2 rows down, there will be an unused stitch left behind the fpdc. Ignore this stitch when working the next stitch.

The Actual Alpine Dishcloth Crochet Pattern

alpine stitch detailed view of the texture

With your 5 mm / US H – 8 hook, ch 23 (27) + 1.

Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc across, turn. <23 (27) st>
Row 2: Ch 2, dc across, turn.
Row 3: Ch 1, sc across, turn.
Row 4: Ch 2, [dc, fpdc in dc 2 rows below] until last st, dc, turn.
Row 5: Ch 1, sc across, turn.
Row 6: Ch 2, [fpdc in dc 2 rows below, dc] until last st, fpdc, turn.

Repeat Row 3 to 6 until you reach 14.5 (18) cm / 5.5 (7)”.

Finish on a Rows 3 or 5 (sc).


Starting in the corner where you ended, work around the outer edge of your dishcloth.

Round 1: Ch 1, hdc in each stitch*, 2 hdc in each corner, join with a sl st in the first st.

*On the sides, make 1 stitch per sc row and 2 stitches per dc/fpdc row.

Round 2 (big size only): Ch 1, hdc around, 2 hdc in each of the 2 corner stitches you made in the previous round, join with a sl st in the first st.

Fasten off and weave in the ends.


You’re done with the crocheting part, make sure to weave in all the ends.

To make your stitch pattern even prettier and help straighten your edges block your project.

Don’t skip this step as it can make a huge difference.

Read my detailed tutorial on why block, how-to, and all my tips and tricks if you need help, too.

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