Bobble Stitch Crochet Tutorial

crochet bobble stitch how to written instructions plus video tutorial

The Bobble Stitch is one of my favorite crochet stitches. It gives such a fun playful finish to your projects. Contrarily to the knit bobble stitch, the crochet bobble stitch is really easy to make.

Keep reading to learn how to crochet the bobble stitch.

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Bobble crochet stitch tutorial

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For this bobble stitch tutorial I used:

Using an average-sized hook and a light-colored medium-sized yarn is easiest to learn. Depending on your pattern you will need a different hook and yarn.

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This tutorial follows US crochet notations.

  • st = stitch
  • ch = chain
  • sc = single crochet
  • dc = double crochet
  • yo = yarn over
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Video Bobble Stitch Tutorial

My friends over at Joanne’s Web have generously agreed for me to use their video to show you how to crochet the bobble stitch. I love their slow and easy to understand video tutorials. Check out their Youtube channel for more knit and crochet tutorials.

Photo Tutorial

  • With your 5 mm hook, ch 30 + 2.

  • Make 3 rows of dc so you’re not starting the bobbles in the chain which is harder.Bobble stitch crochet prepare swatch

  • Step 0: Ch 2

  • Step 1: yarn over, in the next stitch pull up a loop, yarn over, pull through 2 loops. This is identical to the first half of a double crochet stitch. Don’t finish the double crochet stitch.Bobble stitch video tutorial step 1

  • Step 2: Repeat step 1 until you have 6 loops on the hook (i.e. a total of 5 times).Crochet bobble stitch how to step 2

  • How to crochet the bobble stitch step 2

  • Step 3: yarn over and pull through all the loops on the hook.How to crochet the bobble stitch tutorial step 3

  • Make an sc in the next stitch to secure and highlight the bobble. This is not part of the bobble stitch per se but it is usual to follow the bobble stitch by an sc.crochet bobble stitch written instructions

  • Alternate bobble stitches (steps 1 to 3 above) with sc across the row.crochet bobble stitch written instructions

  • On the next row: ch 2, dc across.

  • Alternate rows of bobbles with rows of dc.crochet bobble stitch how to written instructions plus video tutorial

Tips and Tricks to Crochet the Bobble Stitch

  • The crochet bobble stitch is usually followed and preceded by a single crochet stitch. This allows for the bobble to really pop out.
  • Don’t hesitate to tighten the single crochet stitch after the bobble stitch a little extra pop to help the bobble pop even more.
  • If your bobbles look a bit flat, use your finger on the wrong side to pop them out.
  • Unfortunately, the bobble stitch is not reversible. Keep that in mind if you’re making a blanket or scarf and want your project to be reversible.

Next Step

Once you’re comfortable making the bobble stitch you can make bobbles in a different color than the background color of your project. This technique really highlights the bobble and makes for really cute and fun projects.

bobble stitch crochet with 2 colors

The idea is to carry the contrasting color yarn from one bobble to the next by hiding it under the main color stitches. Don’t panic, I show you how in the video below.

Now it’s your turn to practice! Why not try the Bubbly Baby Cardigan for example?

Bobble crochet videos tutorial
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