DIY Gift Packaging Ideas using Leftover Yarn

Making handmade gifts is a real treat but taking it one step further and using your scraps for a personalized gift wrapping, that’s even better!

In this post I’ll share how I like to personalize all my gifts with personalized printed labels and 7 easy ideas to DIY gift packaging to truly make your packaging part of the handmade gift.

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Personalized Printed Stickers

Whatever gift wrapping method you choose, the ultimate way to personalize your DIY gift packaging is to add a personal label. I love to print mine with my Munbyn portable Bluetooth printer.

It’s super easy to use and always makes a great impression! Plus it only takes a second per label to print, quick and efficient.

I was a little worried when I first got it that I’d need my hubby’s help to install it and get started but they’ve made it really easy. You just install it with the USB drive provided then it shows up as one of your printers. So you can use the print function in any file. No need to learn a new software to operate it. There is even an easy app to connect the printer to your phone via Bluetooth.

To make a personal label, all you have to do is make a small graphic (2 inch by 2 inch). I like to use Canva which is free and very user-friendly. For my Christmas gifts, I write who it’s for and add a little personal drawing but you can do anything. Just make sure it’s not too full and small (the actual sticker is only 2 inches not the size of your screen).

I like the golden labels for Christmas gifts but they have plenty of other colors, sizes and shapes of labels to choose from (or check out their regular labels here). I’ll probably get their heart-shaped ones next. Did I mention it doesn’t require any ink or toner? It’s a thermal label printer, so you don’t need to worry about replacing cartidges etc.

FYI, for those of you who are also running a small business selling your makes, you can use the same Munbyn printer to print your shipping labels.

This year I’m hoping to have the time to make my DIY gift packaging even more personal and try out a few of these homemade gift wrapping ideas using my leftover yarn.

1. Scrap Yarn Pom Poms

An easy way to use up your leftover yarn is to wrap your gifts with this pompom technique. Why not even use the scraps of the gift inside to give your recipient a little teaser of what’s coming? This one is really good for those tiny tiny leftovers as you can easily mix all different yarn weights, fiber content and colors.

Find the step-by-step tutorial here.

2. Not Just One Pompom

You can also use several pompoms of different sizes to wrap your gift. Great to use up a little bigger leftovers, adapt the pompom size to the yarn quantity you have left so you’re sure to use every last yard.

Use a pompom maker for these to get a nice and neat look. Find the detailed tutorial here.

3. Reindeer Pompom

You can do so much more with pompoms for DIY gift packaging than simply use them instead of a bow. I love this creative use of a pompom to make a reindeer face on your gift. This one is sure to be a big hit with all the kiddos in the family!

Find the details to make it yourself here.

4. Crochet Gift Toppers

I love this idea of adding a little crocheted ornament as decoration for your DIY gift packaging. Instead of your wrapping to be thrown in the trash after your gift has been opened, it can be reused as a cute ornament. This makes your packaging a gift in and out of itself!

Learn how to make these 3 adorable crochet gift toppers here

5. Crochet Gift Tag

Make your own crocheted gift tag for an extra personal touch to your gift. Recipients can then keep them as name tags for luggage or anything else they want.

Learn how to make these adorable DIY gift packaging tags yourself here.

6. Tree DIY Gift Packaging

You really don’t need much yarn or skills to make this one and it’s so damn cute! Although it probably works best with green yarn I think you could totally get away with any color tree so you can use all your scraps. This one would also work great with thinner cotton yarn leftovers which are not ideal for pompoms and other ideas above.

She shares how to make more gift-wrapping ideas with yarn in her post but this tree is my favorite by far. Find out how to make it yourself here.

7. Modern Homemade Gift Packaging

Two of Wands is the queen of simple and modern creative ideas. I’ve wanted to try her DIY gift packaging ideas for a few years now (but never take the time to do it). Simple, modern and elegant, these truly elevate your handmade gift from homemade to handmade.

The woven diamond is such a clever use of small leftovers of special yarns. It’s the combination of different types of yarn, yarn weights and compositions that make this one so special. Perfect to use up every last bit of yarn if you tend to work with very different yarns.

The plaid yarn homemade gift packaging looks so intricate while it’s actually very easy (just look at her video tutorial you’ll see!)

You can find all her gift-wrapping techniques tutorials in this post.

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