20+ Curated 2 Color Crochet Blanket Patterns

2 color crochet blanket patterns creates a timeless elegant look that will really make your project stand out. Whether you use a main color with patterned or textured stitches and a secondary color border, or incorporate both colors into the whole pattern, the results will be sure to please! I have collected 23 beautiful 2 color crochet blanket patterns featuring basic crochet stitches to get you started. Read along to discover all about these inspiring projects!

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Color Combinations

Before diving into the free crochet patterns I wanted to give you a few tips for picking your 2 colors of yarn for these blankets.

When working with just 2 colors, my preference always goes to one neutral combined with a color. You’ll see in the blanket patterns below, most of them follow this guideline. Maybe it’s just my personal preference but I find that when you work with just 2 colors this gives you the best aesthetics.

Depending on the design and the stitches used, you can either go with 2 high contrast colors or on the contrary have them be closer for a less contrasting look.

You’d be surprised how much you color choices will affect the overall look of your project. When possible, go to check out the Ravelry projects of the pattern you consider making to give you an idea of how it will look with the type of colors you’re planning to use if they are very different from the pattern pictures.

2 Color Crochet Stitches

Simple crochet stitches can take a whole new dimension when using 2 contrasting colors! Some of the following blankets use only simple stitches but the addition of a second color gives a striking look, with minimal effort. Others use well-loved crochet stitches that provide texture to the blanket. The 2 contrasting colors effect gives even more depth to the texture!

Read through the following list to find your favorite crochet blanket pattern!

Brunch Blanket by Knitting with Chopsticks

Sometimes all you need is some mindless crochet. The Brunch Blanket is just that, a simple combination of basic stitches in 2 contrasting colors is all you need to crochet this modern crochet blanket. This makes the Brunch Blanket crochet pattern a great project for beginners!

Available in 9 sizes, from baby to king size, you’re sure to find the right size for any occasion. Choose a soft pastel color as the main color and a bright contrasting color for the perfect baby shower gift. Or work with neutrals as I did for a modern farmhouse vibe.

Find the free crochet blanket pattern here.

brunch blanket chunky 2 color crochet blanket pattern

Alpine Stitch Crochet Blanket Pattern by Life and Yarn

Can you see how cozy this chunky crochet blanket is? Learn how to crochet the Alpine Stitch to make this beginner chunky crochet blanket that looks woven with this free pattern and video tutorial. Written in 3 sizes you have options for how big to crochet your blanket! The pattern also includes a ratio note of how many skeins of each color you need to make your blanket bigger if desired.

Find the free 2 color crochet blanket pattern here >>

2 Color alpine stitch crochet blanket

Granny Weave Blanket Pattern by Dora Does

The Granny Weave blanket is a two color, geometric crochet throw pattern which combines the classic solid granny square with the basket weave stitch. Just like a typical granny square, you can make it as a large blanket, square cushion or make multiple smaller motifs which can be joined for all kinds of crochet projects. The granny weave pattern creates a nice thick fabric making it a super cozy blanket. The tall crochet post stitches also give it a lovely drape.

Find the free 2 color crochet blanket pattern here >>

two color geometric crochet throw combining the solid granny square stitch with the basket weave stitch

Sawyer’s Blanket by Blackstone Designs

Sawyer’s Blanket is the perfect crochet afghan for elevating your space! Whether you’re looking for a new living room blanket, nursery blanket, or something to gift, this one is quick to make and has a stunning finish.

The base of the blanket is made separate with the beautiful faux cables added at the end, leaving your options wide open with the Sawyer’s Blanket crochet pattern!

Find the free crochet blanket pattern here.

faux cables 2 color crochet blanket

2 Color Easy Crochet Colorwork Blankets

Using various colorwork techniques you can make gorgeous crochet blankets with geometric motifs, symbols, etc. Start now with these simple two color crochet afghan patterns!

You Stole My Heart Blanket by Knitting with Chopsticks

New to colorwork? My step-by-step instructions and crochet chart will guide you through the process and make it super easy. You’ll end up with an adorable baby heart blanket or small throw that’s completely reversible. Add the optional corner tassels for a fun twist.

The blanket is 100 cm by 120 cm / 39.25” by 47.25”, designed in worsted weight yarn.

Find the free crochet blanket pattern here >>

hearts baby blanket colorwork pattern

Arabesque Geometric Crochet Blanket by Sweet Potato 3

Do you tend to lean towards designs that have something that “pops” out and grabs your attention? This could be in the colors or in the design texture or simply the way it looks and works up. The Arabesque Geometric blanket hits all those points!

Made in a traditional graph pattern this blanket has a striking appearance all while having a clean, no mess look to it. The bold color changes create a popular arabesque tile pattern.

The finished blanket is 46 inches wide and 60 inches tall. This is a great size for nearly any adult. The pattern includes instructions that will allow you to adjust the size as well, so you can crochet a smaller or larger one with ease. Just know that the amount of yarn will also adjust.

Find this 2 color crochet blanket pattern here.

2 color arabesque geometric crochet blanket

It’s All Greek to Me C2C Crochet Blanket by The Loopy Lamb

This c2c blanket pattern uses two different colors to create the image on the blanket. This is the perfect blanket to make if you want to impress the recipient with your crochet prowess (without having to be an expert).

Before getting started working on your corner to corner (C2C) blanket, make sure you check out the designer’s tips and video tutorials on how to get started with this technique.

Find the free crochet blanket pattern here >>

2 color C2C crochet blanket

Paw Print Blanket by Jo to the World

You’ll love cuddling up under this delightful blanket, which makes a beautiful addition to your home decor. The pattern creates a blanket that is approx. 52” wide x 81” high (without the tassels). It’s quite tall to ensure lots of extra warmth around your feet and can be pulled right up to over your shoulders on a cold winter night. This crochet paw print blanket makes the ultimate gift for any pet owner, animal lover or for yourself!

Find the free crochet blanket pattern here >>

paw print colorwork using 2 colors for this crochet blanket

Puffy Hearts Blanket by Blackstone Designs

The Puffy Hearts Blanket is a fun “thick and quick” style crochet afghan! It works up fast with super bulky yarn and it’s so warm and snuggly after it’s done!

Find the free 2 color crochet blanket pattern here.

2 color crochet afghan showcasing puffy hearts

Concentric Squares Throw by Divine Debris

This design was made as a fun and cute 2 color blanket but it could also be a great stash-buster. Just think of all the colors you could make it in! All one color but different shades?

Find the free crochet blanket pattern here.

concentric squares 2 color crochet blanket

Elayna’s Afghan by A Crocheted Simplicity

The yarn choice and simple crochet stitch patterns combine to make Elayna’s Afghan the perfect trans seasonal afghan. Lightweight for cooler summer nights, yet warm enough to take the chill off during the fall.

Find the free crochet blanket pattern here.

2 color striped crochet blanket

Contrasting Border Crochet Blankets: a Simple 2 Color Crochet Blanket Look

Adding a border in a contrasting color may well be the easiest way to make a 2 color crochet blanket. You can play with the border color (of course!), but also with the border width, the stitch you’ll use, etc. The following patterns will provide you with great ideas on how to crochet a blanket with a contrasting border, but also on how to add a border to an existing crochet blanket to give it a makeover…

Compostela Baby Blanket by Knitting with Chopsticks

The Compostela Baby Blanket is perfect for beginners. No colorwork here! This 2 color crochet blanket pattern is worked in 2 parts featuring medium-weight yarn. First the half-double crochet (hdc) blanket body is worked in the main color in rows back and forth. The scalloped crochet edging is then worked around the blanket body in the second color.

But the Compostela Blanket is not just a baby blanket crochet pattern. The pattern comes in 5 sizes: lovey, baby, receiving, throw, and king. Choose more adult colors for a gorgeous throw or bedspread.

Find the free 2 color crochet blanket pattern here >>

giant shell edge 2 color crochet blanket pattern free

Polka Dots Border Crochet Blanket by Knitting with Chopsticks

Bobble Stitch crochet blankets are a classic, but here’s the twist. Feature the bobble stitch on a wide contrasting color edge and you get this modern timeless blanket. The Polka Dots border crochet pattern comes in 10 different blanket sizes and instructions to adjust the border to any blanket you like. With its classic stitches, this pattern is an easy choice for whipping up a gender-neutral and timeless gift.

This blanket pattern is part of the Classics on the Edge Collection. It is a set of 4 easy crochet blanket patterns where classic crochet blanket constructions / types are revisited by featuring them on a wide blanket border with a sober blanket center.

Find the free crochet blanket pattern here.

polka dots border crochet blanket pattern

Plaza Baby Blanket by Knitting with Chopsticks

The Plaza Blanket features the timeless basket weave stitch (find a detailed stitch tutorial here) with a contrasting cute bobble edging. This simple textured combination makes the Plaza Blanket a great modern unisex crochet baby blanket pattern.

Available in 8 sizes, the Plaza blanket is not only a baby blanket! Use this pattern to crochet a beautiful, versatile, and simple blanket that will make a wonderful gift or a fabulous addition to your own blanket collection.

Find the free basketweave crochet blanket pattern here.

Waffle Border Crochet Blanket by Knitting with Chopsticks

The Waffle Stitch Border Blanket pattern combines a simple design for the base of the blanket and a pretty waffle stitch border in a contrasting color. Although the waffle stitch may look complicated, it is very easy once you master the front post double crochet and you’ve completed a few rounds.  This blanket pattern is available in 11 sizes.

I worked the border in the round around the center piece so you could easily adapt the pattern and use the border instructions for any blanket you want or make the border in a different color to the center as I did here.

This blanket pattern is part of the Classics on the Edge Collection. It is a set of 4 easy crochet blanket patterns where classic crochet blanket constructions / types are revisited by featuring them on a wide blanket border with a sober blanket center.

Find the free crochet blanket pattern here.

waffle stitch crochet blanket pattern

2 Color Stripes Crochet Blankets

Stripes are also an easy way to add a pop of color to a crochet blanket. They can give your blanket a classic look in neutral colors or a joyful vibe using a bright contrasting color. Which look will you choose for your next blanket project?

Super Easy Double Crochet Blanket by Stitching Together

An easy double crochet blanket is a great beginner-friendly project. It’s one of the easiest blanket crochet patterns you’ll find and works up quickly using basic stitches. This is a great pattern to try if you are ready to tackle a larger project.

Find the free crochet blanket pattern here.

2 color stripes easy double crochet blanket

Striped Wattle Stitch Large Blanket by Okie Girl Bling ‘n’ Things

Looking for a blanket that uses simple stitches but doesn’t look too simple and beginner? Using the Wattle Stitch, along with doing different widths of the stripes really made this blanket pop! All while still being a very easy blanket pattern!

You can start this blanket with any number of chains as long as the starting chain is a multiple of 3. The size of the one shown in the picture came out to approx. 50” x 65”. The perfect throw blanket size to have in your living room!

Find the free 2 color crochet blanket pattern here >>

Wattle Stitch easy crochet blanket with stripes in 2 colors

Alpine Blanket Pattern by Yarn Hook Needles

This design was inspired by the designer’s love for Colorado and the tranquility which comes after spending time in the woods. The pattern is available in 6 sizes with the free pattern being baby size of appr. 30″ X 36″.

Find the free crochet afghan pattern here >>

2 color striped crochet blanket

Modern Moss Stitch Blanket by Daisy Farm Crafts

Using the moss stitch means the stitches aren’t too hole-y, but they still keep the yarn loose and give the blanket a really nice drape. 

You can make this blanket any size you want – all you need to do is make a base chain with an even number that is 2 inches longer than the desired width of your blanket (since the moss stitch requires you to skip a stitch, your base chain will shrink by about 2 inches after you work the first row). 

Find the free crochet blanket pattern here >>

moss stitch striped crochet blanket

Pumpkin Striped Fall Crochet Blanket by Easy Crochet

This cozy blanket is perfect for chilly fall days when you want to snuggle up close to a fire and sip on a cup of hot tea!

It’s perfect to wrap up in when binge-watching all the Netflix shows! It also helps that it looks fantastic draped across the back of a couch. As you can see, this blanket is a win-win.

Find the free crochet blanket pattern here.

pumpkin striped fall crochet blanket using 2 colors

Crochet Blanket Challenge 3 by Canoe Mountain Designs

This beautiful pattern is simple to crochet and the eyelets give it a classic and timeless look! If you use this FREE pattern, the challenge is to create at least 1 blanket that you donate to the charity of your choice.

Find the free crochet blanket pattern here.

chevrons and eyelets 2 color crochet blanket

Parfait Vintage Textured Blanket by Kirsten Holloway Designs

Layers of beautiful texture make up this free crochet baby blanket pattern! It’s full of clusters, post stitches, delicate lines of “polka-dots”, and all topped off by a pretty, scalloped edge. Crochet this easy blanket for your daughter, granddaughter, niece, or even yourself!

Find the free crochet blanket pattern here.

2 Color Vintage Textured Blanket

Diagonal Chevron Lapghan by A Crocheted Simplicity

Chevrons are created using a classic crochet stitch pattern, but even though they’ve been around for decades, this stitch pattern can also be very modern. Simply playing around with color placement can really individualize a chevron pattern (or crochet ripple stitch as some prefer to refer to it as).

Find the free crochet blanket pattern here >>

2 colors crochet ripple stitch blanket

I hope you’ve found the inspiration you were looking for for your next crochet blanket project. There are so many gorgeous blankets you can make with just 2 colors.

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free knitting and crochet cheatsheets

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