10 Last Minute Crafter Gift Ideas

For many of us, this week is the last stretch before the Holidays. What type of giver are you? Everything is already artistically wrapped and ready to delight your close ones, or you kinda just realized that time is running by and you need to find some fabulous ideas asap? I must confess I lean much more on the side of the second option… So if you too are still looking for fabulous gift ideas and you have knitters and crochet lovers among your most important people, let me share with you 10 great last minute crafter gift ideas curated by me from Etsy. Plus 3 bonus no shipping gifts ideas for crocheters and knitters!

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*This post contains affiliate links (only for products I love, use and spend my own money on obviously). This means I earn some yarn money if you make a purchase through one of these links (of course at no extra cost for you!), which I promise to use to create more awesome patterns like this one. All opinions are my own. See my full disclosure here.ย 

Etsy Gift Card

Did you know that Etsy has gift cards that can be used in a majority of Etsy shops? This is an awesome last minute crafter gift idea! What’s even better is that recipients can mix and match from different shops to use the credit. Get a Etsy gift card here.

Etsy gift card as the perfect crafter gift idea

To reward me for being the affiliate of the month, Etsy gave me a gift card to treat myself. ๐Ÿ˜€ I thought I’d share what items I considered in case you still need some inspiration. I didn’t have the budget to get them all but I would have if I could!

Perfect Crafter Gift Ideas

Needle Organizers and Project Bags by Fivetosix

Super convenient for all crafters, awesome quality and needles stay in place. You can do custom orders to have exactly the slots you need.

I already have a full needle organizer and cable organizer but I was very tempted by the holiday fabric notion pouch.

Find her pouches and needle organizers here.

holiday fabric notion pouch is one of my last minute crafter gift ideas

Crochet Hook Set

Can you believe I only have one hook of each size?! Being a many WIP girl, I’m frustrated having to switch my favorite hook sizes from one project to the next. So a new hook would be a great crafter gift idea to give me! And I am pretty sure I am not the only one starting too many projects at once… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Clover Hook Sets

Clover Hooks are always a good bet.

Their metal tip is strong and sleek while their colorful handle offers a comfortable grip. The handle naturally fitting design prevents you from gripping the hook unnecessarily tightly, stopping your hand from getting tired easily.

Each hook size has a different handle color which makes it very easy to fish for the right hook in your notions pouch or project bag. They come in 2 different sets:

  • 9 hooks from 2 mm to 6 mm: the most polyvalent set in my opinion!
  • 7 smaller hooks, from 0.6 mm to 1.75 mm

Get your Clover crochet hook set here

Prym Hook Set

But I finally went for this Prym Hook Set

My mom has a couple of these hooks that I borrowed once and loved using although I usually don’t like plastic. That’s what convinced me to get these for myself!

Prym crochet hook set is part of my gift ideas for crocheters

They also have colorful handles that help you distinguish each hook size from one another. You can choose to buy only the most used sizes by selecting each one you want individually or you can buy the full pack of 12 hooks, from 3 mm to 15 mm. Ergonomic design makes these crochet hooks easy to hold and are gentle on your hands for longer crocheting.

Bare Sock Yarn and Mini Set

You are afraid of picking colors for someone else? Undyed yarn is the perfect solution! The recipient of your yarny gift will have the choice of exploring natural or standard dyeing by him/herself (which can open up your favorite crafter to a whole new world of possibilities!) or to use it in its natural color, an environmentally-friendly option. You can grab some bare sock yarn here

I have a lovely advent mini set from Biffsugar Yarns that I’ve been wanting to turn into a striped sweater with a light neutral main color yarn that I never treated myself too. These mini kits make such an awesome crafter gift idea!

Mini sets of yarn skeins are such a wonderful gift idea for all crafters

I couldn’t find the perfect shade of very very lightly blush pink I wanted to go with my advent mini set so I decided to go for undyed yarn and play with some avocado dying again. Read my previous post on how to dye yarn with avocado peels.

Handy tool for colorwork

This little tool will help keep my yarn untangled, especially when working with several colors (which is the main reason I don’t do it more often!). Let’s see if it works!

It seems well crafted, has rave reviews, a classy look and it comes in 5 different shades so you can match it with your project bag. What else could you ask for?

Cashmere yarn

I absolutely love wearing cashmere as I’m always freezing. So making myself a cashmere sweater has been on my dream to-do list for a while. If only it was more commonly available and affordable!

This yarn seems like a good choice and not just the 5-10% cashmere you usually see.

It comes in a great variety of shades, so you can pick your crafter’s favorite color. I would totally go for one of the natural light brown shades or the delicate lilac to make myself a soft sweater! What color has you dreaming?

Yarn Geek Mug

I drink tea all day long, and somehow I don’t have any yarn-related mug yet. How on earth is that even possible?

This yarn geek mug has a shape I just love to hold and drink from. Plus, the design is so cute! Such a perfect gift idea for knitters!

yarn geek mug for your favorite knitter

Sock Knitting Needles

I have the 2 mm and 2.5 mm needles for socks but I’m always wanting to use these 2 other sizes I don’t have yet: 2.25 mm and 2.75 mm. With all these 4 sizes sock needles, I can now really choose what fits best the yarn and stitch pattern I want to knit.

Those are the ones I picked.

sock knitting circular needles are great gift ideas for knitters

3 Bonus Crafter Gift Ideas WITHOUT shipping delays!

Sometimes we don’t have time to wait for a package to be delivered to our door… Whether you are sooo late for ordering your Holiday presents or you live too far to know if shipping delays can be relied on, these 3 ideas will save your day. And you’ll even be warmly thanked when gifting one of these! Shhh! no need to tell them you bought their gift so late…

Stitching Squad Membership

I put together my own Squad membership this fall! And it’s a wonderful crafter gift idea….

Read all about it and sign up here: https://programs.knittingwithchopsticks.com/StitchingSquadSignup

It’s a monthly subscription that gives you access to handy knitting and crochet online tutorials for beginner-level crafters, sip & stitch online social events, newly released patterns and much more! Come join the wonderful community or give the gift of shared knowledge to a loved one.

Chopstick's Stitching Squad memberships are delightful crafter gift ideas

How to Read Patterns Ebook

Designed for those who like to knit or crochet but battle with understanding patterns. Instead of getting frustrated all by yourself and throwing away your WIP, use this handy ebook to learn how to read patterns. This will open up a whole world of potential projects to you!

You can either pick the knit version or the crochet version, both created by myself using my extensive knowledge of these crafts:

These ebooks are the guides I wish I’d have when I started knitting and crochet! I am confident these ebooks would make great crafter gift ideas.

Last but not least, let me remind you that if you’re unsure what your favorite crafter would like, you always have the option of giving them an Etsy Gift Card. You can’t go wrong with this one!

Etsy gift cards make fabulous last minute crafter gift ideas

Happy Holidays!

free knitting and crochet cheatsheets

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