How to Crochet a Magic Ring?

how to crochet a magic ring step 12

Have you selected a pattern to make and it doesn’t begin with the traditional chain? Then it probably begins with something like “sc 6 in a magic circle”. Not sure what to do? In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to crochet a magic ring.

At first, it might look complicated and confusing but don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it in no time!

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How to crochet a magic circle : photo + video tutorial

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When to use a Crochet Magic Circle?

A magic ring is a very convenient technique to start any project crocheted in the round. Whether you plan to make something flat like a placemat or coasters, or for 3D objects like my chair socks the magic circle is the best technique to start.


For this tutorial I used:

Using an average-sized hook and a medium-sized cotton yarn is easiest to learn. Depending on for what pattern you a crochet a magic ring you will need a different hook and yarn.


This tutorial follows US crochet notations.

  • sc = single crochet
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Magic Circle Crochet Tutorial

I’ve made a short video for you to visualize how a crochet magic circle works. You’ll find all the steps explained in detail with pictures below the video.

I’m left-handed so the pictures and video show the steps for left-handed. If you’re right-handed, it’s exactly the same but with inverted hands.

  • First make a loop around your hand. Cross both ends of the yarn and hold them with your thumb.

  • Insert your hook under the first thread and over the second one (which is the loose pat attached to your skein).

  • Pull up a to crochet a magic ring

  • Now, yarn over and pull up a loop. This is the trickiest part. Everyone has his/her own way to make this work. I remove my hand from the loop and hold the loose thread between my pinky and ring to crochet a magic ring step 4

  • how to crochet a magic ring step 5

  • Pull this loop through the loop on your hook. Now you have secured your magic to crochet a magic ring step 7

  • This first stitch does not count. Make the required number of single crochet stitches over both threads of to crochet a magic ring step 7

  • One to crochet a magic ring step 8

  • 2 to crochet a magic ring step 9

  • 6 to crochet a magic ring step 10

  • Pull the tail to tighten your magic to crochet a magic ring step 11

  • I like to only tighten it slightly at this point and work the next few rounds before tightening it further. This way I can get it more tightly to crochet a magic ring step 12

Time to Practice

Now that you’ve nailed the technique let’s put it into practice.

Here are my top 5 patterns starting with a magic circle:

how to crochet a magic circle with video walkthrough

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