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classic simple crochet patterns

Your favorite simple crochet patterns probably have a lot in common.

They’re comfortable. You like how they look. They get a lot of use. You had fun making them. They’re durable and easy to care for. 

We took these attributes, created an entire collection of crochet patterns that checks off each of these boxes, and called it Your Everyday Classics Collection.

This collection is a free series of simple crochet patterns here on the blog. Read about the inspiration behind the collection, the perfect yarn we chose, or scroll down to find the free version of each of the patterns.

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Everyone has that one crochet project that they use (or wear) constantly. It’s the perfect blend of classic, but not boring; modern, but not overly trendy. 

These favorites were our inspiration for Your Everyday Classics Collection. 

In it, you’ll find 12 exclusive crochet patterns from Knitting With Chopsticks, E’Claire Makery, and Joy of Motion Crochet, all designed to be your new go-to piece. 

We’ve covered the gamut from sweaters, blankets, and a vest, to socks, a headband, and more. You’re sure to adore this collection of fun new patterns, and find some great gift ideas as well! 

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Your Everyday Classics Collection Printable PDF

Each piece from the collection will be available for free on the blog but if you :

  • don’t want to wait for the patterns to be released one by one
  • want the convenience of a printable PDF version for easy recording, to take notes, etc.

you can grab the collection with all 12 pieces here

The Yarn

What if you could make 12 designer crochet patterns with the same yarn? For one thing, everything would match! On top of that, it would reduce the amount of scrap yarn laying around (personally, I have enough of that to last me a while). For Your Everyday Classics Collection, we chose a selection of Lion Brand Wool-Ease yarn in 5 coordinating colors. 

Lionbrand wool ease yarn

Wool-Ease is a worsted weight yarn made of wool and acrylic, so you get the softness and warmth of wool, plus it’s machine washable and easy to care for. It’s a versatile and durable yarn, which is exactly what you need when you’re making pieces for everyday wear.

The yarn is available in 16 colors that feel modern yet classic. Browse their selection and you’re sure to find something that suits your next crochet project. 

A big shout out to Lion Brand for sponsoring the yarn for Your Everyday Collection. If you’ve never visited their site, you should! They have an entire library of free downloadable patterns for knitters and crocheters.

Your Everyday Classics Collection Patterns

Day 1: Your Sunday Shawl

Made up of multiple granny squares crocheted together, Your Sunday Shawl is a modern take on a classic accessory. The contrasting grid adds visual interest while the corner tassels help this shawl transition seamlessly into a fun oversized scarf. It’s the perfect piece to keep in your car for chilly restaurants or throw in your bag on the way to the farmer’s market. Don’t let the intricate look scare you– the detailed instructions break it down into easy steps.

Day 2: Your Sunday Best Sweater

Do you ever wish that you had a cozy sweater that would work for any occasion? A way to be able to dress it up with a skirt or throw it on with a pair of jeans for date night. Now you can with the Your Sunday Best Sweater! This classic and modern crochet sweater features simple diamond colorwork with a cute collar, and contrasting colors to make it pop. It’s designed to have a flattering tailored fit, while still making you feel comfortable. You’ll look stylish and cozy all at once. Find the free pattern here.

Day 3: Your Tuesday Blanket

From baby gift to throw blanket, Your Tuesday Blanket is the crochet pattern fit for everyone. The classic stripes and square shape give it a unisex feel, so it’ll blend with any style decor, and is suitable for any gender baby. It’s lightly textured and free of holes. It’s so cozy you’ll find yourself wanting to wear it around the house all winter. This beginner-level crochet pattern is worked in the round from the center out, so it’s a breeze to adapt it to any size you’d like. All that’s left to do is decide what colors you’ll use!

Day4: Your Sunrise Socks

Who doesn’t love a thick cozy sock first thing in the morning? With Your Sunrise Socks crochet pattern, you’ll master the classic look of this women’s sock, and your feet will never be cold again (except maybe on laundry day). These are my new go-to weekend accessory for lounging around at home. The ribbed texture prevents slipping on hard floors, while the contrasting heel color gives them a traditional vibe. This easy crochet pattern is worked sideways, and can be made for women’s shoe sizes 4.5 through 10.

Day 5: Your Everyday Plaid Skirt

Cozy, yet fun. Warm and festive, this skirt will have you wishing for the Holidays. Your Everyday Plaid Skirt is ready for time outside in the cool, crisp air, or a day inside cuddled on your favorite chair. This skirt is perfect for you or your daughter to make and use so often you’ll forget that you’re even wearing it! It works up easily for beginners and experts! Because this skirt is custom to your size, you will feel like you have a personal tailor.

Day 6: Your Dusk Hooded Vest

For days when you need another layer, but a sweater is too much, Your Dusk Hooded Vest is the perfect crochet piece to grab from your closet. The loose fit and flat open front allows it to pair nicely with almost any top you own. An oversized hood adds interest to the back (and protects your hair when you get caught in the rain!), and a contrasting lace detail adds a touch of femininity. The pattern is made out of two rectangles, meaning it’s perfect for beginner crocheters, and is available in sizes XS to 5XL. You’ll feel cozy yet stylish at home or away in this hooded vest.

Day 7: Your Afternoon Walk Cardigan

Imagine yourself curled up on a chilly evening, devouring a good book in your leggings and sweater. Your Afternoon Walk Cardigan is that sweater. It’s the epitome of a comfortable day-to-day cardigan, with a length that’s perfect to wear over leggings or jeans. The simple contrasting colors are highlighted by a beautiful ribbed texture and a flat open front. There are even pockets– perfect for warming your hands on a long walk (or stashing your favorite lip gloss). The pattern comes in sizes XS to 5XL, and features seamless construction worked in rows. You’ll love this cardigan so much you’ll want to make it in multiple colors.

Day 8: Your Cozy Pocket Scarf

If you’re like me and your neck and your hands get super cold, now you can keep both warm with one accessory. This cozy crochet scarf is perfect to pair with jeans and your favorite sweater. Featuring the unique texture of bobble stitches and beginner-friendly colorwork, you’ll want to make this pattern, again and again, to go with your whole winter wardrobe.

Day 9: Your Morning Headband

Hats are great, but when your hair spends a lot of time in a ponytail, you need Your Morning Headband for that cold morning commute. The simple modern crochet design means it’s truly a classic piece that can be worn day after day. It’s lightly textured and naturally stretchy, so it won’t slide around, and the front twist adds style while keeping the yarn off your forehead. Choose a neutral color for yours, and it’ll go with any outfit or coat. The pattern is a quick make, and a great choice for any beginner or experienced crafter.

morning headband crochet pattern FREE

Day 10: Your Weekday Cowl

If you’ve never worn a cowl before, you are missing out. Your Weekday Cowl is an easy crochet pattern to try your hand at this piece that feels like a big warm hug for your face and neck. The design is anything but boring, featuring the Mosaic Crochet Technique, but it’s easier than it looks! Worked in the round, this cowl is completely seamless, and sized for everyone with the ability to make adjustments. The modern color pattern brightens up a chilly day, all while keeping the cold out. Check out the step-by-step Your Weekday Cowl crochet pattern.

Day 11: Your Everyday Plaid Hat

The Your Everyday plaid hat will quickly become your go to grab again and again in the cold months. It’s classic and simple design make it a great pairing with any outfit and the color combinations are endless. Using textured surface slip stitches, you’ll get the look of color work made simple.

Day 12: Your Tea Time Blanket

Elevate your home decor with Your Tea Time Blanket crochet pattern. The oversized tassels lend a modern romantic vibe, which looks great thrown over the back of your couch or left at the bottom of your bed. A fun texture is added by crossing puff stitches. Of course this blanket is more than just eye candy. Available in sizes baby, toddler, throw, and twin, it’s the perfect accessory for anyone to curl up under (and no holes for your toes to get stuck in!). The pattern includes detailed step-by-step instructions, and is suitable for beginner crocheters.

tea time crochet blanket pattern free
free knitting and crochet cheatsheets

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