Knitcrate Review – My Favorite Crochet and Knitting Subscription Box Review

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Checking my mailbox every day at the end of the month for my Knitcrate subscription box is one of those little pleasures that makes my day so much better. My parents gave me my subscription as a birthday present this year and I’m absolutely loving it. I already know what to ask for next year (i.e. the exact same thing ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). I love it so much I wanted to share why with you in this KnitCrate yarn subscription box review.

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KnitCrate Knitting and Crochet Subscription Box Review

A lot of yarn companies start to have some sort of subscription boxes or monthly yarn club. What is special about the Knitcrate subscription is that you set it up once and every month you get a treasure in the mail. You don’t need to think about reordering every month. But don’t worry, you can cancel anytime.

Knitcrate crochet and knitting subscription boxes are great gifts for a crafter

All Good and Well, but What Will You Actually Get in the Mail?

There are a few different membership options to choose from:

  • KnitCrate Membership: this is the one I’m getting. You get at least one (usually 2) skeins of exclusive premium yarn on a monthly basis. I say usually 2 since they officially promise at least one but I’ve been getting my boxes for the last 6 months and they always contained 2 skeins each. The yarn weight ranges from DK to Bulky. You can pick from 4 color vibes but the exact shade and yarn base is a monthly surprise.
  • Sock Crate Membership: this crate is designed specifically for sock fans. You’ll get one skein of exclusive premium sock weight yarn on a monthly basis. You can also pick from 4 color vibes but the exact shade and yarn base remains a monthly surprise.
  • Partner Crates: these crates are quarterly partnership crates with specific yarn dyers (currently they work with Malabrigo and Mrs. Crossby).

All crates come with:

  • 1 knit AND 1 crochet pattern that goes with the yarn. These are high quality, curated patterns specially designed for that month’s crate and not available anywhere else.
  • A little something extra. It can be a cute stitch marker, a pretty stitch holder, etc. Every month it’s something different.
Knitcrate review: Knitting and crochet subscription box review

Sounds Expensive Right?

Well, that’s the best part! It’s not, a Membership box is only 39.99 USD a month + shipping. But if you use this link and the code CHOP 20 you get $40 off your first month.

They make it extra easy for you, you can cancel anytime!

Knit subscription box review

What Else do I Love About my Monthly Crate (Wait, What, There is More?)?

  • I get to discover new high-quality pattern designers every month
  • I’m discovering I love working with yarn bases, weights, and colors I might not have picked out myself.
  • I love that I can choose my color vibe but still get a surprise every month. If you don’t like surprises they do send out a link to a reveal video where you can see the different color options and change your setting before your crate ships out.
  • I can’t believe how reliable they are. Although I live very far and mail here is far from straightforward, my Knitcrate is in the mail the last week of every month. (I get a tracking email just in case but I’ve never had an issue).
  • Although it is really affordable, I know they are collaborating with smaller designers (like myself) and indie dyers, helping them get their name out there, coaching them and paying them honestly. This means a lot to me.

That’s Too Good to be True, it Must Have Some Flaws!

You’re right. Nothing is perfect.

The only real flaw, in my opinion, is that all the color vibes contain some shade of purple. And I hate purple. I know, hate is a strong word and how the heck do you hate a color? Well, I’m sorry but I do. Anything ranging from fuchsia to lavender to aubergine is just not for me. This means I have to check the reveal video just in case the yarn in the color vide I’m choosing has some shades of purple and then pick another color vibe for that month. I wish I could just set it and get a complete surprise when I get my crate but I think you can agree it’s a very small flaw.

Another issue I’m having is that because this is a gift, I want to use it for personal projects. And I don’t always have time to make personal projects on top of the blog’s projects. That just means my stash is slowly growing, but let’s be honest, is that really a problem? Having pretty yarn to stare at and dreamy softness to cuddle for later projects doesn’t sound so bad right?

Ok, you get it, I’m obsessed with my Knitcrate crochet and knitting subscription box. What are you waiting for? Get yours now! And enjoy your first month for free through my link using the code CHOP20.

KnitCrate Review: My favorite knitting and crochet subscription box review

Curious what kind of projects I’m making with my crochet and knitting subscription box? Check out the Braided Bridge Cable Scarf and the Salt and Pepper cardigan for example.

free knitting and crochet cheatsheets

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