Simple Hat Knitting Pattern

Simple hat free knitting pattern

To go with my simple mittens I needed an easy hat knitting pattern. We went on a trip over the holidays and I worried it was going to be cold!

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Simple hat knitting pattern free

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I wanted a simple design, that would go with all my outfits. The light grey color was perfect for this. I always had mine in the bottom of my handbag during our holiday and it was so convenient! Warm, cozy and comfy.

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It is also perfect to make as a gift. It is very simple so it is an ideal pattern to try out or perfect your double-pointed needles skills.

The simple hat design is very sober and can easily be used for men and woman depending on the yarn color chosen of course.

Scroll down for the free version but I recommend you purchase the ad-free PDF Pattern to get all the instructions and pictures in a nice PDF you can print and take notes on without relying on your phone or an internet connection, I’ve got you covered!

The Simple Hat is now available in my Etsy store and on Ravelry. Grab your copy before you forget.

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Before you Start


  • 5mm / US 8 and 6mm / US 10 double-pointed needles. If you are new to double pointed needles or don’t have the right size, I use and recommend this very cheap set. Although they are not the prettiest, I prefer using stainless steel needles as the yarn slides better on them and with this set you have all sizes so you are set for any project.
  • Nice, soft, chunky weight 5 yarn (a little over 1/2 skein). I used Julia yarn from Zeeman in light grey.
  • Stitch marker
  • Stitch holder
  • Tapestry needle to weave in the ends. I love this set as it has different eye sizes for different yarn thickness and it comes in a small tube which is very convenient so I don’t lose them.

Because the yarn I used is not available everywhere, and I know how painful it is to try to find equivalent yarn which will give you the same effect I have selected a few equivalent yarns for you.

free knitting and crochet cheatsheets


  • k = knit
  • p = purl
  • k2tog = knit 2 stitches together
  • ssk = slip slip knit

Finished Easy Hat Knitting Pattern Size

Simple hat sizing

You can easily adjust the size by adding or removing a multiple of 4 stitches.

Gauge is not critical for this pattern.

The Actual Simple Hat Knitting Pattern

It’s such an easy pattern that I wouldn’t know how to split it up in sections.

On 4 5mm / US 8 double-pointed needles, cast on 100 stitches (25 stitches per needle).

Simple hat knitting pattern free step 1

K1, p1, repeat around until you reach 10cm (22 rows).

easy hat knitting pattern step 2

Switch to 4 6mm / US 9 double-pointed needles.

Knit until the total length is 20 cm (21 rounds).

men's hat knitting pattern free step 3

Now we need to make decreases to give it it’s hat shape.

On each needle do the following decreases:

  1. ssk, knit 21, k2tog
  2. ssk, knit 19, k2tog
  3. ssk, knit 17, k2tog
  4. ssk, knit 15, k2tog
  5. ssk, knit 13, k2tog
  6. ssk, knit 11, k2tog
  7. ssk, knit 9, k2tog
free hat knitting pattern step 4

With a tapestry needle, pull the yarn through all the remaining stitches. Pull tight, closing the hole.

Secure and weave in the ends.

That’s it! You’re done!

If you like this pattern, don’t forget to pin it for later and share it with other yarn addicts.

FREE Simple hat knitting pattern
Easy hat knitting pattern free
free knitting and crochet cheatsheets

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  • Anna Yu
    December 12, 2019 at 8:15 am

    hey could i use a circular needle instead of double pointed ones?

    • Hortense Maskens
      December 16, 2019 at 5:51 am

      Sure! It might be tight for the last few rows but it doesn’t change the pattern