Anastasia Knit Dress

light pink dress knitting pattern free, worn by a woman standing up with hands to hips et looking upward

A new dress knitting pattern, the Anastasia Knit Dress is now a knit dress pattern for women in my Etsy and Ravelry stores. Read all about the structured construction and the delicate lace details of this knit dress pattern, the Anastasia collection or grab the dress pattern here.

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soft pink knit dress pattern, viewed from the back

Experience the joy of creating your own fashion with the Anastasia Dress knitting pattern! The simple lines of this dress make it comfy and easy to wear, while the delicate lace detail at the bottom of the skirt and the sleeves add a touch of feminine sophistication. The wool yarn used, along with the 3/4 sleeves and mid-length skirt make it a perfect fit for those crisp fall days.

Although it might not look easy, the Anastasia dress pattern is an easy level, the lace sections are separate from any shaping so you can focus on one or the other.

The pattern comes in sizes ranging from XS to 5XL, ensuring that anyone can enjoy the cozy comfort of this handmade knit dress.

Get your knitting needles ready and start creating your new favorite fall outfit with the Anastasia Dress knitting pattern.

The Knit Dress Construction

The Anastasia dress is worked in several pieces which are then sewed together to ensure this garment will keep its form and fit through time. Sewing the pieces together adds structure to the dress and prevents excessive stretching.

The skirt is knitted first, up to the waist. Then, the top section is knitted as a separate piece, from the waist up. Stitches are split to form the armholes. When knitting the front section of the top you’ll add some shaping for the neck. The sleeves are knitted separately. Skirt, top section and sleeves are all worked in the round, from bottom-up.

Shoulders are sewn together and then the sleeves and skirt are attached to the dress body. Finally, stitches are picked up around the neckline to add the eyelet collar.

The Yarn

I used the Hobbii Friends Wool, a worsted weight (4) yarn, made of 100% wool. This yarn is elastic, strong, warm, and breathable, which make it ideal for a fall and winter knit dress. It is made out of 4 threads spun together and is available in an array of colors. So unleash you creativity!

The dress knitting pattern pictured above was made with their Dusty Rose shade. This warm and soothing color reminds me of the avocado hand-dyed yarn showcased a few weeks ago in my Drapey Boxy Sweater, but without the peachy hint.

And you, what color and yarn would you choose to knit this dress?

close up view of the lace at the sleeve's cuff of a soft pink knit dress pattern

Tip: When substituting yarn, make sure you check the yardage per skein of the yarn you’re planning to use and calculate how many skeins you’ll need based on the pattern yarn yardage per skein.

Also make sure your gauge matches the pattern’s so the sizing comes out right 😉.

The Anastasia Collection

I love this lace detail so much that it’s the 3rd design I made featuring it. Originally used in the Anastasia Hoodie (super bulky) then in the worsted weight version I loved translating it into a dress for this design. Maybe a baby cardigan is in the future ;).

Downloadable Anastasia Dress Knitting Pattern

Grab the printable PDF of the Anastasia Knit Dress pattern now in my Etsy shop or on Ravelry.

More Languages

The Anastasia Dress is now available in English and German on Hobbii here.

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Before you Start


Knit Dress Size

The free dress knitting pattern is available in the following sizes: XS to 5XL. Sizes are noted throughout the pattern in the following way: XS (S, M, L, XL) (2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL). The pictures illustrate the L size.

Final garment measurements are:

  • XS: 65 cm / 25.5” bust, 79 cm / 31” length.
  • S: 75 cm / 29.5” bust, 80 cm / 31.5” length.
  • M: 85 cm / 33.25” bust, 81 cm / 32” length.
  • L: 95 cm / 37.5” bust, 82 cm / 32.25” length.
  • XL: 106 cm / 41.7” bust, 84 cm / 33” length.
  • 2XL: 117 cm / 45.9” bust, 86 cm / 34” length.
  • 3XL: 127 cm / 50” bust, 86 cm / 34” length.
  • 4XL: 137 cm / 53.75” bust, 87.5 cm / 34.5” length.
  • 5XL: 147 cm / 58” bust, 89 cm / 35” length.

The knit dress is designed with a negative ease of 2-4” ease at the bust.

Note: The skirt section tends to grow more when blocking so the row height gauge on this section can end up a little different from the one given in the pattern, this has been taken into account in the final measurements.

close up view of the lace at the sleeves' cuff of a light pink dress knitting pattern free


The gauge for this pattern, in stockinette stitch, is 17 st by 24 rows for a 10 cm by 10 cm square (4” by 4”).

Abbreviations & Instructions

  • st = stitch
  • k = knit
  • p = purl
  • k2tog = knit 2 stitches together, single right-leaning decrease
  • ssk = slip 2 stitches knitwise, knit these 2 stitches together through back loops; single left-leaning decrease.
  • M1R= make one right; single right-leaning knit increase
  • M1L = make one left; single left-leaning knit increase
  • Yo = yarn over

Repeat instructions between [] the indicated number of times or until the end of the round/row.

The final number of stitches is indicated at the end of the round/row between < >.

Special Stitches and Techniques

  • Stockinette stitch: knit continuously in the round.
  • M1R: Insert your left needle from back to front, under the bar between the stitches (thus lifting it onto the left needle). Knit this bar through the front loop (this twists it into a nice little tight loop).
  • M1L: Insert the left needle from front to back, under the bar between the stitches (thus lifting it onto the left needle). Knit this bar through the back loop (this twists it into a nice little tight loop).

If you are not familiar with these increase techniques, I find this video tutorial very helpful.

  • Picking up stitches: If you’re not familiar with this technique, this tutorial is very helpful.
  • I recommend using the sloped bind off technique for the neck shaping. If you’re not familiar with this technique, this tutorial is very helpful.

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