Tenggol Top and Dress Pattern

tenggol dress free knitting pattern

An easy summer top & dress knitting pattern – my Tenggol Top & Dress – is now a free knitting pattern on the blog. The pattern includes both the instructions for the peplum top and knit dress versions.

Read about my inspiration, the easy construction and perfect yarn I choose. Then purchase the pdf pattern with photos and instructions here for $4.7 or scroll down for the free version. 

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Free Top and Dress knitting pattern

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closeup of the top of the knit dress pattern free

You’ll love the comfort and ease of this knit summer pattern. It features a flattering v-neck (in the front and back), fitted waist, and adjustable length.

Using only simple knits and purls and a few simple increases, it’s perfect for beginners.

V neck both in the front and back of the knit dress pattern free

Two Patterns in One

Originally I was planning to make a knit dress pattern inspired by my crochet Pretty Spring Dress and Cache Coeur Dress. It’s only when I tried it on to check the fit of the top part that I realized it made a really cute peplum summer knit top pattern too.

It might sound crazy but changing just one little line of the pattern turns this summer knit top pattern into a cute knit dress pattern.

Find instructions for both versions below.

The Yarn

For knit dresses and tops, my go to yarns are always cotton blends. They feel really soft and silky on your skin without being to warm.

Cotlin yarn with the start of the top panel and a cup of tea.

For this project, I choose to work with WeCrochet’s CotLin yarn. It’s a great DK weight cotton-linen blend. I had a blast knitting with it as it doesn’t split. Not too slippery like bamboo cotton blends can be but more soft and drapey than 100% cotton yarns. The only drawback is that it does shed quite a lot when you work with it. My baby boy Basile kept ending up with blue fiber all over (nothing a simple machine wash can’t handle).

Cotlin is not only a pleasure to knit with, it’s also really comfy to wear. It’s honestly my favorite yarn to wear against my skin so far. Give it a try, you’ll never want to take it off!

Downloadable PDF

Click here to purchase the downloadable printable PDF version of the Tenggol Top & Dress pattern

Why I Recommend You Purchase the PDF Pattern

If you’ve never used PDF patterns before, you are missing out on so much convenience!

  • You don’t need an internet connection
  • You don’t need to have your computer, phone or tablet around to work on your project.
  • You don’t need to panic if your husband accidentally closed the page
  • You can take notes, highlight your size and write down where you are.
  • When your best friend begs you to make her the same dress, you have the pattern ready.
  • It’s a great way to support the blog so I can continue to bring you knitting tutorials.

Grab the printable PDF of the Tenggol Top and Dress knitting pattern pattern now in my Etsy shop or on Ravelry:

Tenggol free knit dress pattern

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Before you Start



The dress & top knitting pattern is available in the following sizes: XS to 5XL. Sizes are noted throughout the pattern in the following way: XS (S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL). The pictures illustrate the Large size.

Final garment waist measurements are:

  • XS: 66 cm / 26”.
  • S: 72 cm / 28.25”.
  • M: 80 cm / 31.5”.
  • L: 88 cm / 34.5”.
  • XL: 100 cm / 39.25”.
  • 2XL: 110 cm / 43.25”.
  • 3XL: 120 cm / 47.25”.
  • 4XL: 124 cm / 48.75”.
  • 5XL: 132 cm / 52”.

The top/dress length can easily be adjusted. Instructions are given in italic.

The dress is designed with a classic fit, 4 – 8 cm / 1.5” – 3” ease at the waist.

*Note: Both the top and dress are modeled in size L, the top with 4 cm / 1.5” ease and the dress with 8 cm / 3” ease.

Tenggol knit dress pattern free


The gauge for this pattern, in stockinette stitch, is 20 st by 25 rows for a 10 cm by 10 cm square (4” by 4”).

Abbreviations & Instructions

  • st = stitch
  • k = knit
  • p = purl
  • kfb = knit 1 into front and back of a stitch; single knit increase
free knitting and crochet cheatsheets

Repeat instructions between [] the indicated number of times or until the end of the round/row.

The final number of stitches is indicated at the end of the round/row between < >.

The Actual Top and Dress Knitting Pattern

Both the Top and Dress start the same way. Follow instructions for the Top panels and assembly then refer to:

  • the Peplum Top section if you’re making the top
  • the Dress Skirt section if you’re making the dress

Top Panels

Make 2.

On your 4mm / US 6 needles, cast on 33 (36, 40, 44, 50, 55, 60, 62, 66) st.

Row 1: [k1, p1] 3 times, k21 (k24, k28, k32, k38, k43, k48, k50, k54), [p1, k1] 3 times

Row 2: [k1, p1] 3 times, p21 (p24, p28, p32, p38, p43, p48, p50, p54), [p1, k1] 3 times.

Beginning of the top panels showing the seed stitch edge and stockinette stitch body section.

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 until you reach 82.5 (83.5, 84, 85, 85.5, 85.5, 85.5, 87, 87) cm / 32.5 (33, 33, 33.5, 33.75, 33.75, 33.75, 34.25, 34.25)”. Cast off and leave a long tail for sewing.


To form the top, fold both panels in half with short ends together and place them next to each other. Align the bottom edges. Start all seams from this bottom edge to make adjustments easier.

Top of the knit dress pattern / summer knit top pattern assembly with measurements

The sides are sewn up, leaving 16 (17, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26) cm / 6.25 (6.5, 7.5, 7.75, 8.25, 9, 9.5, 9.75, 10.25) open for the armholes.

On the front side, attach both panels in the middle by sewing up 17 cm / 6.5”.

On the back side, sew up 23 cm / 9”.

Before you finalize your seams and weave in ends, try on the top. Make sure the armhole size and front/back cleavage are to your liking, adjust as needed.

Bottom Section

Pick up 132 (144, 160, 176, 200, 220, 240, 248, 264) st around the bottom edge of the top, join in the round.

Knit in the round (stockinette stitch) for 7 cm /2.75”.

Increase round: [k3, kfb] around. <165 (180, 200, 220, 250, 275, 300, 310, 330) st>

Knit in the round (stockinette stitch) for 5 rows.

Increase round: [k4, kfb] around. <198 (216, 240, 264, 300, 330, 360, 372, 396) st>

From here onwards the pattern differs for the knit dress and top versions.

Peplum Top Version

Knit in the round (stockinette stitch) for 15 cm / 6”.

*Note: To adjust the top length, try it on and knit until your desired length minus 2.25cm / 1” for the bottom edge.

Bottom edge: [k1, p1] around for 6 rounds.

Cast off and weave in the ends.

Dress Version

Knit in the round (stockinette stitch) for 45 cm / 17.75”.

*Note: To adjust the dress length, try it on and knit until your desired length minus 4.5 cm / 1.75” for the bottom edge.

Bottom edge: [k1, p1] around for 12 rounds.

Cast off and weave in the ends.

Blocking and Assembly

You’re done with the knitting part. Make sure to weave in all the ends.

To make your ribbing even prettier and help even your stitches, block your project lightly.

Don’t skip this step as it can make a huge difference. Read my detailed tutorial on why block, how-to, and all my tips and tricks if you need help.

free knitting and crochet cheatsheets

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