Pretty Spring Dress Free Crochet Pattern

Pretty Spring Dress crochet pattern FREE

You’ll love this Pretty Spring Dress crochet pattern. There’s no increases or decreases or fancy stitch count, making it the perfect lace crochet dress pattern for beginners.

The Pretty Spring Dress is a new free crochet dress pattern here on the blog. Read about my inspiration and the simple construction, or scroll down for the free pattern.

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Welcoming in my Favorite Season

Spring is just around the corner, and I for one cannot wait! Spring makes me dream of sunshine, late evenings in the garden, barbecues, etc. You’ve probably guessed it, Spring is my favorite season.

To get ready for all the joys of spring, why not crochet yourself a new dress? This simple, oversized design is perfect for a picnic with friends or to throw over a swimsuit once summer hits.

Believe it or not, the dress is a complete beginner pattern as well! The top of the dress is made out of 2 rectangles and the skirt part is crocheted in the round. No increases or decreases, fancy stitch count, or anything complicated here!

Crochet ideas for spring: free crochet dress pattern in english

Before you Start your Dress Crochet Pattern


  • 4mm / US G – 6 hook. I use this basic set I’m very happy with.
  • DK weight cotton yarn (50g, 90% cotton, 10% cashmere): you will need 14 (12, 13, 16, 18, 19, 20) 50g skeins of cotton yarn.

A lot of you are asking me for a substitute for this yarn as Lazada, unfortunately, doesn’t deliver everywhere and I can’t find it on Amazon. Lion Brand’s Cotton Bamboo yarn and Coboo yarn are a good match. The bamboo gives the same soft-touch effect as the cashmere. The Magnolia color is very close to the color I have used. It would also look very pretty in Cherry Blossom. As these are 100g skeins so you will only need 7 (6, 7, 8, 10, 10).

  • Tapestry needle. I use, love, and recommend this stainless steel set. You get different eye sizes to accommodate different yarn sizes and they come in a very handy little tube. I used to keep losing and breaking my tapestry needles until I got these.


This is a one size fits all kind of dress. I’m 1m70 (5′ 7″) but I’ll show you how and where to adjust the length, just look out for the text in italics.

This is a comfy oversized dress fitted with 5 to 10 cm / 2” to 4” ease.

The crochet dress pattern is available in the following sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL size. Sizes are written as L (S, M, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL) throughout the pattern. Pictures illustrate the Large size.

Below are the final dress dimensions for the different sizes. The dress is straight which means the circumference at the hips and bust are the same. Consider your widest measurement to define which size to make (taking 2″ to 4″ ease into account)

  • S: circumference 92 cm / 36.25”
  • M: circumference 104 cm / 41”
  • L: circumference 117 cm / 46”
  • XL: circumference 130 cm / 51.25”
  • 2XL / 3XL: circumference 142 cm / 56”
  • 4XL: circumference 155 cm / 61”
  • 5XL: circumference 167 cm / 65.75”


The gauge for this pattern, in alternating rows of sc and dc, is 19 st by 15 rows for a 10 cm by 10 cm square (4” by 4”).

Confused on how to make or measure gauge? Check out my detailed post all about crochet gauge.


This pattern uses US notations.

  • st = stitch
  • ch = chain
  • sc = single crochet
  • dc = double crochet
  • tr = treble crochet
  • sl st = slip stitch
how to read crochet patterns ebook


Work instructions between [ ] the indicated number of times or until the end of the row / round.

The final number of stitches is indicated at the end of the row / round between < >.

The turning ch 1, ch 3 count as stitches throughout the pattern except if mentioned otherwise.

Stitches above a ch-1 or ch-2 space are worked in the ch-1/ch-2 space.

The pattern is written in crochet shorthand.  For example:

  • “sc 1” means to single crochet in the next stitch,
  • “sc 2” means to single crochet in each of the next 2 stitches,
  • and “2 sc” means to single crochet twice in the next st.
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Special Stitches and Repeated Patterns

  • Puff st = Yo, insert hook in indicated st, yo, pull up a loop, (yo, insert hook in same st, yo, pull up a loop) twice, yo, pull through all 7 loops on hook. The puff st is usually followed by a ch 1 to close the puff stitch.
  • I used Rachels’ (from Desert Blossom Crafts) blueberry stitch (I love her blog!). You can find her very clear and detailed explanations here. Note her puff stitch is slightly different from mine.

The Actual Dress Crochet Pattern

  • The Top Panels of the Spring Dress Crochet Pattern

    The top part of the crochet dress is made from 2 identical rectangles which are then sewed together.

  • Chain 54 (42, 48, 60, 66, 66, 72, 78) + 1.

  • Row 1: Sc in second ch from hook and each ch across, turn. <54 (42, 48, 60, 66, 66, 72, 78) st>Pretty Spring Dress Free Crochet Pattern step 1

  • Row 2:
    Ch 4 (counts as dc plus ch 1), skip 1, [dc 1, ch 1, skip 1] 2 times,
    Blueberry stitch section: [dc 3, ch 1, skip 1, puff st, ch 1, skip 1] 6 (4, 5, 7, 8, 8, 9, 10) times, dc 3, ch 1, skip 1, puff st, dc 1,
    [ch 1, skip 1, dc 1] 3 times, turn.

  • Row 3: Ch 1, sc across, sc the 3rd ch of the ch-4, turn.Lace crochet dress pattern free step 2

  • Row 4:
    Ch 4, skip 1, [dc 1, ch 1, skip 1] twice,
    Blueberry stitch section: dc 1, puff st, ch 1, skip 1, [dc 3, ch 1, skip 1, puff st, ch 1, skip 1] 6 (4, 5, 7, 8, 8, 9, 10) times, dc 3,
    [ch 1, skip 1, dc 1] 3 times, turn.

  • Row 5: Repeat row 3

  • Row 6: Repeat row 2

  • Row 7: Repeat row 3Crochet dress pattern plus size step 3

  • Row 8: Ch 4, skip 1, [dc 1, ch 1, skip 1] twice, dc to last 6 st, [ch 1, skip 1, dc 1] 3 times, turn.

  • Row 9: Repeat row 3Free crochet dress pattern in English step 4

  • Row 10 – 13: Repeat [rows 8 and 9] twice.

  • Row 14 – 19: Repeat rows 2 to 7.Free crochet pattern for dresses step 5

  • Row 20 – 39: Repeat [rows 8 and 9] 10 times.

  • Row 40 – 147: Repeat [rows 2 to 13] 9 times.

  • Row 148 – 153: Repeat rows 1 to 6.

  • Bind off and make a second identical panel.

  • Forming the Top of the Crochet Dress Pattern

    To form the top, fold both panels in half and place them next to each other. Make sure the blocks of 10 dc rows are at the same level.Crochet ideas for spring: a beautiful crochet dress free pattern step 6

  • The sides are sewn up to the end of the 10 dc block, leaving the remaining part open for the armholes.

  • On the front side, attach both panels in the middle by sewing up to the end of the blueberry section right after the 10 dc block.crochet ideas for spring: lace crochet dress pattern step 7

  • On the backside, sew up to the end of the 5th section of blueberry st.
    Alternatively, you can try on the top before fastening off your seams and decide for yourself up to where you want to sew it.Crochet dress pattern for woman step 8

  • The Skirt

    Crochet in the round from now on. Make a stitch in each stitch of the panels and one in each of the 4 seams, you need a total of 222 (174, 198, 246, 268, 268, 292, 316) stitches for each round. If you have more or less, the blueberry stitch rounds will not come out nicely. You should not gain or lose any stitches from here onwards.

  • First, we form the section for the belt:
    Ch 5 (counts as a tr + ch 1), skip 1, [tr 1, ch 1, skip 1] around. Finish the round with a slip st in the 4th ch of the ch-5.Crochet dress free pattern step 9

  • Then we go back to the blueberry stitch and dc rows.
    Round 1: Ch 1, sc around, finish with a sl st in the ch-1. <222 (174, 198, 246, 268, 268, 292, 316) st>

  • Round 2: Ch 3, dc 2, [ch 1, skip 1, puff st, ch 1, skip 1, dc 3] around, finish with a sl st in the 3rd ch of the ch-3.

  • Round 3: Ch 1, sc around, finish with a sl st in the ch-1.

  • Round 4: Ch 3, puff st, ch 1, skip 1, [dc 3, ch 1, skip 1, puff st, ch 1, skip 1] around. Finish with a sl st in the 3rd ch of the ch-3.

  • Round 5-6: Repeat rounds 1 and 2.

  • Round 7: Ch 1, sc around, finish with a sl st in the ch-1.

  • Round 8: Ch 3, dc around, finish with a sl st in the 3rd ch of the ch-3.

  • Round 9- 50: Repeat [rounds 7 and 8] 21 times.
    This is where you can adjust the length of your dress. Place some yarn or rope in the belt section (over and under the treble stitches). Try it on, be careful not to rip off your work in the process, tighten the belt and decide on the length you want. Add or remove some multiples of rounds 7 and 8 accordingly. The blueberry sections for the rim will take about 10cm so be sure to stop 10cm before the final length you want.Crochet dress free pattern step 10

  • Go back to the blueberry st and dc rounds.
    Round 50 – 55: repeat round 1 to 6.

  • Round 56 – 61: repeat [round 7 and 8] 3 times.

  • Round 62 – 67: repeat round 1 to 6.

  • Bind off. Weave in the ends. Now all is left to do is the belt.

  • The Belt of the Crochet Dress Pattern

    Cut 6 2m long strands of yarn. Make a simple braid using 3 times 2 strands.

  • Put the belt in place by going over and under the treble stitches. Pretty spring dress free crochet pattern step 11

  • To secure the belt in place, and make it more pretty, add some tassels at each end.

4. Blocking and Finishing Touches

You’re done with the crocheting part of your lace crochet dress pattern. Make sure to weave in all the ends.

However, to make your dress even prettier, and make the lacing of the blueberry stitch come out, even more, block your dress lightly.

Don’t skip this step as it can make a huge difference. Read my detailed tutorial on why block, how-to, and all my tips and tricks if you need help.

Lightly wet your dress with some cold water. Remove as much water as possible but don’t wring it, it will damage your project! Roll it in between 2 clean towels instead. Now pin it on your blocking mat. Make sure it is flat and rectangular.

Wait until it’s 100% dry. It can take some time but be patient, it is completely worth it! Once it is completely dry, remove the pins and enjoy your crochet dress.

That’s it, you’re done. Now put it on, make yourself a cocktail and go enjoy it in the sun. Btw, to go with your cocktail, you might need some pretty coasters. Check out my 15 minutes Sunday at the Pool Coaster crochet pattern.

Pretty Spring Dress crochet pattern

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Free crochet pattern - pretty spring dress
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  • Aline
    February 18, 2019 at 12:38 am

    Beautiful !

  • Sammie
    March 7, 2019 at 2:28 am

    Great pattern and great dress! Bought the cotton yarn, can’t wait to get started 🙂 Thank you so much and please keep on posting !

    • Hortense Maskens
      March 7, 2019 at 4:57 am

      Thank you Sammie, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have issues with the pattern. Happy crocheting

  • tarvin890
    February 6, 2020 at 9:23 am

    Beautiful dress ????

  • clubblue2013
    February 7, 2020 at 12:02 am

    Thank you for sharing this pattern – your work is amazing! You look so pretty in this dress – hoping to create one for myself this spring. Thanks again for the inspiration.

  • Evelyne
    August 22, 2020 at 4:34 pm

    Beautiful pattern! I’m looking forward to start working in it.
    May I ask how much yarn in yards and/or meters you used?
    Thanks a lot and happy crochet-ing!

  • Handan Barutcu Moroney
    February 6, 2021 at 3:50 pm

    Thank you. Very pretty ,you look lovely in it.