Basile’s Toy Basket Crochet Pattern

This new basket crochet pattern, Basile’s Toy Basket, is now a free crochet pattern here on the blog. Read about the construction and inspiration or scroll down for the free pattern

Keep your home organized with this basket pattern! You can fill it with toys, yarn, books, or whatever you have laying around that you would like to get off the floor ๐Ÿ˜‰

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FREE Basket crochet pattern

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Toy Basket

Inspired by my son Basile. He loves to empty & fill boxes and bins. I got sick of his toys laying everywhere so I designed a low basket to put them all away and that he can play with to put his toys in and out.

Everyone has these little things laying around, toys, yarn, small blankets, animal toys, etc. This basket will help you store it all!

Worked up with 3 strands of super bulky yarn, it works up in no time! The modern bi-color look of this basket is sure to match any home decor.

You can find the beginner-friendly crochet pattern for this basket below.

Downloadable PDF

Click here to purchase the printable PDF of the basket crochet pattern

Why I Recommend You Purchase the PDF Pattern

If youโ€™ve never used PDF patterns before, you are missing out on so much convenience!

  • You donโ€™t need to take screenshots of the pattern
  • You donโ€™t need to have your computer, phone or tablet around to work on your project.
  • You donโ€™t need to panic if your husband accidentally closed the page
  • You can take notes, highlight your size and write down where you are.
  • When your best friend begs you to make her the same sweater, you have the pattern ready.
  • Itโ€™s a great way to support the blog so I can continue to bring you knitting tutorials.

Grab the printable PDF of the Basile Basket crochet pattern is now in myย Etsy shopย or onย Ravelry:

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What You’ll Need for Basile’s Toy Basket Pattern

  • Weight 6 super bulky yarn. You will hold 3 strands together.
    • Natural color: 530 m / 580 yd.
    • Blue: 120 m / 131 yd.

I used unlabeled yarn from my stash but here are some good equivalents to choose from:

You can also hold more strands together of lighter weight yarns to achieve the same overall thickness:

  • 6 strands of chunky weight 5 yarn
  • 12 strands of worsted weight 4 yarn
  • Tapestry needle to weave in the ends. I love this set as it has different eye sizes for different yarn thicknesses and it comes in a small tube which is very convenient so I donโ€™t lose them.

Crochet Basket Size

The basket has a square base of 43 cm / 17โ€ wide and is 20 cm / 8โ€ high.

To adjust the height, you can add/remove rows before switching to the blue color yarn. Please note, if you make your basket too high the walls might not hold up straight anymore.

To adjust the base width, you can add/remove rows before Row 12 (alternating increase row with sc row).

Make sure you adjust your yarn quantities accordingly.


The gauge for this pattern isnโ€™t crucial. Make sure your fabric is very stiff, otherwise your basket walls will collapse.

For reference, my width after round 3 14 cm / 5.5โ€.

Abbreviations & Instructions

This pattern uses US notations.

  • st = stitch
  • ch = chain
  • sc = single crochet
  • sc2tog = single crochet 2 stitches together; single decrease

Special Stitches and Techniques

Magic Loop; if youโ€™re not familiar with this technique, this detailed tutorial (includes a video) will help you.


Work instructions between [] the indicated number of times or until the end of the row / round.

The final number of stitches is indicated at the end of the row / round between < >.

The turning ch 1, ch 2 donโ€™t count as stitches throughout the pattern except if mentioned otherwise.

The pattern is written in crochet shorthand.  For example:

  • “sc 1” means to single crochet in the next stitch, 
  • “sc 2” means to single crochet in each of the next 2 stitches,
  • and “2 sc” means to single crochet twice in the next st.

Tips and Tricks

To change yarn color, work last st of old color to last yarn over. Yarn over with new color and draw through all loops on hook to complete st.

trick to change colors seamlessly

The Actual Crochet Basket Pattern

With your 12 mm / US O โ€“ 16 hook and natural color yarn (holding 3 strands together), make 6 sc in a magic loop. Work in continuous rounds from here onwards. 

Tip: use a stitch marker to indicate the beginning of the round.

Round 1: 2 sc in each st around. <12 st>

Round 2: [2 sc in the next 2 st, sc] around. <20 st>

Round 3: Sc, [2 sc in the next 2 st, sc 3] three times, 2 sc in the next 2 st, sc 2. <28 st>

Round 4: Sc 2, [2 sc in the next 2 st, sc 5] three times, 2 sc in the next 2 st, sc 3. <36 st>

Round 5: Sc 3, [2 sc in the next 2 st, sc 7] three times, 2 sc in the next 2 st, sc 4. <44 st>

Round 6: Sc around.

Round 7: Sc 4, [2 sc in the next 2 st, sc 9] three times, 2 sc in the next 2 st, sc 5. <52 st>

Round 8: Sc around.

Round 9: Sc 5, [2 sc in the next 2 st, sc 11] three times, 2 sc in the next 2 st, sc 6. <60 st>

Round 10: Sc around.

Round 11: Sc 6, [2 sc in the next 2 st, sc 13] three times, 2 sc in the next 2 st, sc 7. <68 st>

Round 12: Sc in the back loop only around.

Round 13: Sc 6, [sc2tog two times over next 4 st, sc 13], sc2tog in the next 2 st, sc 7. <60 st>.

Round 14 – 20: Sc around.

Switch to blue color yarn.

Round 21: Sc 11, ch 6, skip 5, sc 25, ch 6, skip 5, sc 14. <50 st, 2 ch-6 sps>

Round 22: Sc 11, sc 5 in ch-6 space, sc 25, sc 5 in ch-6 space, sc 14. <60 st>

Round 23: Sc around.

Bind off and weave in the ends.

free knitting and crochet cheatsheets

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