12 Crochet Blanket Patterns for Beginners

I don’t know about you, but I think that the best way to learn to crochet is with a blanket. That’s why I’m sharing 12 Crochet blanket patterns for beginners with you.

Blankets tend to be a bit less complicated and there are less ways to mess it up (unless of course, you give up halfway through). It is a great way to gain confidence in your craft! Blankets are the perfect stepping stone to go from never-touched-a-crochet-hook-before beginner to smooth-sailing intermediate crocheter after minimal frustration.

Sometimes the most difficult part is figuring out what kind of blanket to create. Luckily (or unluckily if you are indecisive) you can find loads of easy crochet blanket patterns free or paid on the internet! I have compiled a list of some of my top beginner-friendly and simple crochet blanket patterns.

Too much yarn, not enough time? Pin these 12 simple crochet blanket patterns for later!

12 Crochet Blanket Patterns for Beginners

Crochet Blanket Patterns for Beginners

Block Beginner Crochet Blanket

multicolor block crochet blanket pattern

This one is about as simple and as customizable as it gets! The Block Blanket is a choose your own adventure pattern. I would recommend at least 5 different colors for the best effect, but the beauty is—you get to choose! You can use the base of this pattern to make about any sized blanket and I have a chart that includes 7 sizes. Stitch your squares, sew them together with my special technique and BAM! Suddenly, you have one of those special easy crochet blanket patterns free of headaches completely done.

Picnic Crochet Blanket Pattern

checkerboard patterned blanket with red bobble border - free crochet blanket pattern

This checkered number is one of the easiest crochet blanket patterns free just for you! The Picnic Blanket uses 3 different colors of worsted weight yarn and features a cute bobble edging. Available in baby and throw sizes, this is one of those simple crochet blanket patterns that is perfect for gifting. It is constructed in rectangles of alternating colors and eventually finished with a cute bobble border.

Philia Textured Crochet Blanket

colorful striped and textured beginner crochet blanket pattern

Inspired by history and texture, the Philia Blanket is another one of the simple crochet blanket patterns that will have you creating like a pro. You can easily customize the pattern to any blanket size, so you can add a fun splash of texture and color to any space.

Plaza Simple Crochet Blanket

plaza basketweave blanket with bobble border - easy crochet blanket patterns free

The Plaza Blanket uses the classic basketweave stitch and a cute bobble edging. The contrast puts this blanket into the category of easy crochet blanket patterns free and fabulous. The minimal color work is simple and makes for an enjoyable project. Measurements available for blanket sizes baby, receiving, toddler, throw, twin, double, queen, and king.

Brunch Blanket Crochet Pattern

brunch blanket with corner pom poms farmhouse inspired crochet blanket pattern

The Brunch Blanket is a wonderful pattern for a mindless crochet session and one of the fabulous crochet blanket patterns for beginners. Pick 2 contrasting colors and get stitching!

Eldoris Chevron Blanket Easy Crochet Pattern

eldoris bobble chevron beginner crochet blanket

Of all the crochet blanket patterns for beginners, the Eldoris Chevron Blanket might be a favorite (of course, until tomorrow when another one crosses my mind ;)). The bobble chevron detail is so playful and a beautiful way to add in some color! It uses 5 colors of worsted weight yarn in total and the chevron pattern is made with simple decreases and increases—perfect for any new crocheter.

Herfst Beginner Crochet Blanket Pattern

herfst bobble striped free blanket instructions

Looking for simple crochet blanket patterns? The Herfst Blanket is a stunner. Using 4 colors and the Puff and Bead stitches (instructions included), you can create these fun and interesting textured stripes. Despite its impressive appearance, this blanket is very simple and works up quickly. Also, you can change up the color to fit the look you are going for—neutrals for a farmhouse look, pinks and browns for more boho, bright for adding lots of color, the list could go on and on! This free crochet pattern includes instructions to increase or decrease the sizing, so you can make this pattern in any blanket size!

Impressionist Blanket Crochet Pattern

impressionist painting inspired blanket

Available in 5 sizes, the Impressionist Blanket is perfect for any beginner looking for easy crochet blanket patterns free on the blog! The pattern is inspired by art—I have always seen knitting and crochet as an art form (because it is yarn art… no drawing skills required). The Impressionist paintings always tend to be my favorites, so I embodied all those little brush strokes into what I do best. Imagine a sunset painted by an impressionist painter… but make it a blanket. That’s this pattern. The Impressionist Blanket uses 6 different colors to mimic the setting sun. Using a strand of your main color (I used a beige) and another of a secondary color together which as a result creates this speckled effect. It is definitely a more artistic option of all the crochet blanket patterns for beginners.

Your Tuesday Blanket Simple Crochet Pattern

square stripe patterned crochet blanket

A lot of easy crochet blanket patterns free on the internet make great gifts, and this is one of them! The Your Tuesday Blanket is a real classic. It isn’t boring or overly trendy, it is a simple, everyday blanket which makes it a wonderful gift. This pattern is available in both baby and throw sizes for whatever the occasion is (even if the occasion is that its a Tuesday and your feet are cold).

Your Tea Time Blanket Crochet Pattern

your tea time blanket bobble detail with tassels

Crochet blanket patterns for beginners with TASSELS? Yes please. How cute is this one? Your Tea Time Blanket is beautifully textured and well complimented by the corner tassels. With measurements available in baby, toddler, throw, and twin, it is perfect for anyone of any age to curl up with. Not to mention, it’s designed with stitches with minimal space between them so we can say goodbye to tiny toes stuck in the gaps!

Boutchou Baby Blanket Pattern for Beginners

boutchou crochet baby blanket

Need a project for littles? Designed as a baby blanket (but available in 11 sizes), the Boutchou Blanket is simple to create and is sure to become a family heirloom. It can follow a newborn through those terrible twos and on to the generations to follow. Timeless stripes, 3 colors, and simple stitching, crochet blanket patterns for beginners like this one make for a truly special gift that is a breeze to bring to life.

Hexagon Flower Beginner Crochet Blanket Pattern

hexagon flower blue and gray blanket

The Hexagon Flower Blanket is a great one to craft during warmer months because you don’t have to be buried under a pile of wool while creating. This one is made from hexagons that are sewed together at the end—no more sweaty summer crocheting. Finding beginner crochet blanket patterns free that don’t become bulky WIPs is a dream. Equally important, it is extremely easy to craft because after all, we don’t start out as professionals. This pattern is available in 4 sizes and works up quickly with the super bulky yarn.

All things considered, each of these would be wonderful projects for a newly obsessed crocheter! Learning something new can be tough. I’ve got your back through it all. If you are wanting to learn more about reading patterns like a pro, check out my Proficient in Patterns course. It will show you how to do it all without the headaches.

Want to crochet on the go? Want to take notes for your pattern? Ready to turn off the screen for the night, but not your hands? All of these patterns are available on my Etsy and Ravelry shops for downloadable PDFs—print away!

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