Summer Blues Chunky Blanket Knitting Pattern

A new chunky blanket knitting pattern, the Summer Blues Blanket, is now a free chunky blanket knit pattern here on the blog. Read all about the beginner knit blanket pattern and sizes or scroll down for the free chunky blanket knitting pattern.

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Chunky blanket knitting pattern for beginners

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close-up of the texture and stitch pattern of the beginner knit blanket pattern thrown over a pale couch

Some days you need a bucketload of coffee to get through (though I tend to be a tea gal), others you just need to cuddle up with a good blanket and a cup of hot chocolate. The Summer Blues Knit Blanket pattern combines simple knit and purls stitches to create a gorgeous chunky texture that is waiting to be brought to life!

Designed as a nice classic-looking chunky throw blanket, the Summer Blues Blanket is a free beginner blanket knitting pattern. Available in sizes baby to king size, it works up easily and includes written instructions.

You can make it whatever you want simply by selecting your choice in color. Use a neutral chunky yarn to ensure it will match any decor without being the center of attention. Or select a bright color to give this knit blanket an energetic feel and help it pop thrown over the back of your couch.

Not Just a Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern

close-up of the stitch pattern of the free chunky knit blanket pattern hanging on a pale couch

Since this chunky knit blanket pattern is available in almost every blanket size imaginable (okay, only 12 ;)), you can have a knit baby blanket OR a knit throw blanket in a snap. Refer to the size table below for all the sizing information!

Knit and purl stitches are all you need to know to make this modern free chunky blanket knitting pattern.

Simple and unisex, the Summer Blues blanket makes for a great baby shower gift!

Downloadable PDF Summer Blues Blanket Knitting Pattern

Scroll down for the free version but if you prefer to purchase the ad-free PDF Pattern to get all the instructions in a nice PDF you can print and take notes on without relying on your phone or an internet connection, I’ve got you covered.

click here to purchase the convenient downloadable PDF pattern of the Summer Blues Chunky Knit Blanket pattern

Grab the printable PDF of the Summer Blues blanket beginner knitting pattern now in my Etsy shop or on Ravelry:

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Before you Start your Chunky Blanket Knitting Pattern


close-up of the texture and stitch pattern of the free chunky blanket knitting pattern in gray wool yarn

Blanket Size

The beginner knit blanket pattern is available in 12 sizes, noted lovey (security, baby, receiving, toddler, crib – small, crib – regular, throw, twin, double, queen, king) throughout the pattern.

The pattern is written for the following sizes:

Blanket sizesInches Centimeters 
Security / Cuddler14203650
Stroller / Baby303976100
Crib – Small364992125
Crib – Regular4659116150

You can easily adapt the size to your desired project size. 

  • To adjust width, add/remove a multiple of 4 st. 
  • To adjust the blanket length, add/remove a section repeat. One repeat is 25 cm / 10”.


The gauge for this chunky knit blanket pattern free is in stockinette stitch, 10 st by 15 rows, for a 10 cm by 10 cm / 4” by 4” square.

Abbreviations & Instructions

  • st = stitch
  • k = knit
  • p = purl
  • sl1k = slip 1 stitch knitwise
  • sl1p = slip 1 stitch purlwise

Repeat instructions between [] the indicated number of times or until the end of the round/row.

The final number of stitches is indicated at the end of the round/row between < >.

The Actual Free Chunky Blanket Knitting Pattern

With your 8 mm / US 11 knitting needles, cast on 24 (36, 76, 100, 108, 92, 116, 132, 168, 228, 244, 276) st.

Row 1 – 5: Sl1p, [k1, p1] until last st, k1.

Row 6 (WS): Sl1p, knit across.

Row 7: Sl1k, knit across.

Row 8: Sl1p, purl across.

Row 9 – 12: Repeat Row 7 – 8.

Row 13: Sl1k, knit across.

Row 14: Sl1p, knit across.

Row 15 – 19: Repeat Row 1 to 5.

Row 20 (WS): Sl1k, knit across.

Row 21: Sl1k, knit across.

Row 22: Sl1p, purl across.

Row 23: Sl1k, k1, [p1, k3] until last 2 st, k2.

Row 24: Sl1p, purl across.

Row 25: Sl1k, knit across.

Row 26: Sl1p, purl across.

Row 27: Sl1k, k1, [k2, p1, k1] until last 2 st, k2.

Row 28 – 30: Repeat Row 24 – 26.

Row 31 – 38: Repeat Row 23 – 30.

Repeat Row 1 – 38 another 0 (1, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5, 5, 8, 10, 10, 10) times.

Cast off knitwise.

You are done with the knitting part. Make sure to weave in all the ends. 


To make your chunky blanket even prettier, help even your stitches, block your project.

Don’t skip this step as it can make a huge difference. Read my detailed tutorial on why block, how-to, and all my tips and tricks if you need help. 

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