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Up your crochet game with these free crochet tutorials. You’ll find more than just stitches as you learn how to read gauge, create a magic circle, and more!

grid puff crochet stitch pattern

Grid Puff Stitch

The Grid Puff crochet stitch is a great lacy crochet stitch for beginners combining basic crochet stitches with puff stitches to form an open and textured fabric. No time…

railroad crochet stitch for blankets

Railroad Stitch

The Railroad stitch is a great crochet stitch for blankets combining basic crochet stitches to form a lightly textured fabric without holes. No time right now? Pin this unique…

vase crochet stitch pattern

Vase Stitch

The Vase stitch is an easy open crochet stitch combining bead stitches with basic crochet stitches form an open and textured stitch. No time right now? Pin this easy…

Trellis crochet stitch pattern

Trellis Stitch

The Trellis stitch is an easy crochet stitch combining basic crochet stitches to form small openings and light texture. No time right now? Pin this easy crochet stitch pattern…

easy crochet stitches patterns FREE

One Month of Stitch Exploration

Are you ready to explore new stitch patterns and skills? I’ve teamed up with Claire from E’ClaireMakery and Janne from Joy of Motion Crochet to bring you 30 crochet…

how to crochet a magic ring step 12

How to Crochet a Magic Ring?

Have you selected a pattern to make and it doesn’t begin with the traditional chain? Then it probably begins with something like “sc 6 in a magic circle”. Not…