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Crochet stitch patterns

Are you ready to learn new crochet stitch patterns? Janne from Joy of Motion Crochet and I have teamed up to bring you a new fun CAL. During the next 3 weeks we’ll be sharing a new crochet stitch pattern every weekday.

No time right now? Pin these crochet stitch patterns for later.

16 Spring Crochet Stitch Patterns - Free tutorials

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The stitches range from basic crochet stitches to crochet stitches for blankets, lacey crochet stitches and unique crochet stitches. Each crochet stitch pattern will include step-by-step instructions and detailed pictures and explanations to make sure they all become easy crochet stitches for everyone!

The crochet stitch patterns are written for 15 cm x 15 cm / 6 x 6″ squares. Each stitch will also have stitch repeat instructions so you can easily use it in your own projects!

Crochet Stitch Patterns Bundle

Click here to purchase the downloadable PDF of all 16 stitch pattern tutorials

All crochet stitch tutorials will be available on our blogs but if you want a printable PDF version for easy recording and to take notes etc. You can grab the bundle with all 16 stitches here.

Sometimes it’s just easier to have a stitch dictionary on hand when you’re deciding on your next project rather than having to search online and remember where you saved that crochet stitch you want to use.

Or if you just want to get a head start and not wait for the daily stitches to be released ;).

Join the Crochet-A-Long (CAL)

What’s a CAL?

Simply put, a crochet a long is an event where we’ll all be working on the same project. Designers usually release the pattern/tutorial in phases and you can all share your progress and ask questions. This can be a specific pattern or in this case a series of new stitch patterns.

The purpose is to learn, exchange tips and tricks, hold yourself accountable and most importantly have fun!

Time Table

Update: The CAL is now over but you can still access all the stitch patterns below!

From March 8th to March 26th we’ll share a new crochet stitch every weekday. Janne and I will take turns sharing a new pattern. There won’t be any new stitches on weekends, this gives you time to catch up and take a break.

Feel free to take it at your own pace though, we’re all here to have a fun learning experience!

I will be posting all the new tutorial links on this page, make sure you bookmark or pin it for easy reference.

Don’t miss the next Stitch CAL

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Hang Out with Us

Our Make with Yarn Facebook group is where you can share your stitches and ask questions. Janne and I will be hanging out in there every day to help you out and cheer you along. I will also go live in the group to work up my stitches with you. If you can’t make it live, you can always watch the replay which will be available forever in the group.

If Instagram is more your thing, we’d love to see your stitches over there too! Tag us @knittingwithchopsticks and @joyofmotion and/or use #springstitchCAL so we can see them :).

What Yarn Will you Need?

All crochet stitch patterns are designed with worsted weight WeCrochet Swish yarn. You can of course substitute with any yarn when you want to use these stitches in your own projects, but for learning we highly recommend Swish.

It has some amazing characteristics for learning:

  • It has great stitch definition. Which means you’ll see your stitches, where to insert your hook and how the stitches are coming together much better.
  • It doesn’t split easily so you won’t have to fight with it for that and you can focus 100% of your attention on the new stitches.
  • Added bonus: It comes in 16 colorways, I’m sure you’ll find what you need.

While a lot of the stitches feature only one color, some are multicolor and use up to 4 colors.

What to Make with Your Swatches

You’ll be learning a new stitch every day and making a 15 cm x 15 cm / 6 x 6″ square but what to do with all those little squares?

Make them all with the same yarn and you can easily assemble them into a fun project. Here are some ideas:

  • Baby blanket
  • Scarf
  • Pillow cover
  • Bag

If you plan to use your swatches make sure you check your gauge and meet the stitch pattern’s gauge so all your squares end up the same size!

Crochet Stitch Pattern Tutorials

floating bobbles and lace crochet stitch pattern

Floating Bobbles Crochet Stitch

Learn how to crochet the Floating Bobbles Stitch with this detailed step-by-step crochet stitch tutorial. The simple lattice of chains is grounded with fun bobbles, and would look great on a shawl or along the edge of a garment.

Herringbone Double Crochet Stitch

Learn how to crochet the easy herringbone double crochet stitch with this detailed step by step tutorial.

Increase-Decrease Stitch

The Increase-Decrease crochet stitch is a simple hearty pattern that can be used anywhere from the main stitch on a garment to blankets, accessories, and more. The linear design will give a discrete yet eye-catching look to any project.

Mosaic Crochet Stitch

The gorgeous mosaic stitch is much easier than it looks. Each row is worked in one color only! Find the free step by step stitch crochet pattern here.

Mini Puff Crochet Stitch

Add a little texture to your next project with this mini puff crochet stitch. Find the free step by step stitch crochet pattern here.

Bobble crochet stitch tutorial

Bobble Crochet Stitch

The Bobble crochet stitch is a classic, but such a good one. Find the free step by step stitch crochet pattern here.

Tornado Crochet Stitch

Add a little texture to your next project with this tornado textured crochet stitch. Find the free step by step stitch crochet pattern here.

Braided Puff Crochet Stitch

Combining puff stitches to form an elegant braid pattern, find the free step by step stitch crochet pattern here.

Spider Web Crochet Stitch

Combine ch and dcs to form this intricate looking lace crochet stitch. Find the free step by step stitch crochet pattern here.

Bobble chevron crochet stitch pattern

Bobble Chevron Crochet Stitch

Easy colorwork with this fun bobble pattern giving your crochet a modern chevron look. Find the free step by step stitch crochet pattern here.

Alpine Stitch Crochet Stitch

You might have see this gorgeous texture on cowls and garments not knowing how to make it, now you can: Find the free step by step stitch crochet pattern here.

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