Hometown Chunky Cardigan Crochet Pattern

Hometown Chunky Cardigan Crochet Pattern FREE

The Hometown chunky cardigan crochet pattern is an easy oversized sweater that you can throw over anything. You’ll stay warm and stylish in this oversized sweater, perfect for laying in colder months.

The Hometown Cardigan is a new free sweater pattern here on the blog. Read about my inspiration and the simple construction, or scroll down for the free pattern.

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oversized chunky cardigan crochet pattern FREE

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Scroll down for the free version but I recommend you purchase the ad-free PDF Pattern to get all the instructions and pictures in a nice PDF you can print and take notes on without relying on your phone or an internet connection, I’ve got you covered!

The Hometown chunky cardigan crochet pattern is now available in my Etsy Shop and on Ravelry. Grab your copy now before you forget!

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The Perfect Chunky Cardigan Crochet Pattern for Traveling

I named this pattern the Hometown Cardigan because I made it special for my trip home this year. I grew up in Belgium but moved to Malaysia where it’s always warm and humid. When I travel home, especially during the cooler months, I’m always cold! I’ve begun layering looser sweaters over more fitted ones to keep warm. I created the Hometown Cardigan to be chunky and loose-fitting enough to fit over my usual 3 sweaters.

What I quickly found, however, is that this sweater is great for all of my travels! It’s loose enough to layer over other tops when I’m cold, but the cropped sleeves and eyelets make it perfect for warmer weather too. It looks wonderful thrown over a tank top or t-shirt.

Featuring a simple rectangular construction with stitched-on sleeves, it’s nearly seamless with eyelets and puffs on the sleeve to make it extra special. It’s the perfect project for beginners wanting to try their hand at garment making, and sized XS to 6XL.

hometown chunky cardigan crochet pattern with eyelets and cropped sleeves

Before you Start your Crochet Cardigan


I used yarn I had in my stash for years for this pattern and unfortunately it’s not available anymore, so I’ve looked up some alternatives for you:


The hometown cardigan is a very oversized comfy cardigan. The cardigan is available in the following sizes XS/S, M/L, XL/2XL, 3XL/4XL, 5XL/6XL. Medium/Large, with the smallest and larger sizes in parentheses as: M/L (XS/S, XL/2X, 3X/4X, 5XL/6XL). The pictures illustrate the size M/L. If you want less of an oversized fit, don’t hesitate to go one size down.

Below are the final cardigan dimensions for the different sizes.

  • XS/S: 73 cm /28.75” height, 1.05m / 41.25” circumference
  • M/L: 75 cm / 29.5” height, 1.25m / 49.25” circumference
  • XL/2XL: 77 cm / 30.25” height, 1.45m / 57” circumference
  • 3XL/4XL: 79 cm / 31” height, 1.65m / 65” circumference
  • 5XL/6XL 81 cm / 31.75″ height, 1.85m / 72.75″ circumference
learn to read crochet patterns ebook


The gauge for this pattern, in rows of dc is 11 st by 8 rows for a 10 cm by 10 cm square (4” by 4”).  

Confused on how to make or measure gauge? Check out my detailed post all about crochet gauge.

Abbreviations & Instructions

This pattern follows US notations

  • st = stitch
  • ch = chain
  • sc = single crochet
  • dc = double crochet
  • dec = decrease = dc 2 stitches together
  • skip = miss stitch
  • sl st = slip stitch

Special Stitches

Puff stitch = Yarn over, insert hook in indicated st, yarn over, pull up a loop, [yarn over, insert hook in same st, yarn over, pull up a loop] twice, yarn over, pull through all 7 loops on the hook, ch 1 to close the puff stitch.

free knitting and crochet cheatsheets


Work instructions between [] the indicated number of times or until the end of the round.

The final number of stitches is indicated at the end of the round between < >.

The turning ch 1, ch 2 does not count as stitches throughout the pattern except if mentioned otherwise.

I use a turning ch 2 for dc stitches as I find it gives me a neater edge.

Stitches above a ch-1 space are worked in the ch-1 space.

The Actual Chunky Oversized Cardigan Pattern

  • Main Cardigan Square

    With a 6 mm / US J – 10 hook, ch 144 (123, 165, 189, 210) st.

  • Row 1 – 3 : ch2, dc in every st. <144 (123, 165, 189, 210) st>Hometown Chunky Cardigan crochet pattern FREE

  • Switch to grey color yarn.
    Row 4: ch1, sc in every stitch.

  • Row 5: ch4, skip 2, [puff st, ch2, skip 2] repeat until last st, dc, turn. < 47 (40, 54, 62, 70) puff st>Oversized Cardigan crochet pattern bottom contrasting color border

  • Row 6: ch1, sc in every st.

  • Repeat rows 5 and 6 twice more and finish with an additional row of sc (row 5).

  • Switch back to main color yarn and repeat rows of dc (row 1) until you reach 45 cm / 17.75”.

  • Now you need to split your work in 3 sections: both front panels and the back panel. This way you create the armholes.oversized free crochet cardigan pattern main panel schematic

  • Divide your stitches as follows:
    XS/X: 34 st, 55 st, 34 st
    M/L: 40 st, 64 st, 40 st
    XL/2XL: 45 st, 75 st, 45 st
    3XL/4XL: 51 st, 87 st, 51 st
    5XL/6XL: 56 st, 98 st, 56 st
    Work each part separately. Repeat row 1 until you reach 28 cm / 11” (26 cm /10.25”, 30 cm/ 11.75”, 32 cm / 12.5”, 34 cm / 13.25″) for each section.

  • Assembly

    Before assembling the cardigan and adding the sleeves block your rectangle to the following dimensions:
    XS/S: 73 cm /28.75” height, 1.05m / 41.25” wide
    M/L: 75 cm / 29.5” height, 1.25m / 49.25” wide
    XL/2XL: 77 cm / 30.25” height, 1.45m / 57” wide
    3XL/4XL: 79 cm / 31” height, 1.65m / 65” wide
    5XL/6XL: 81 cm / 31.75″ height, 1.85m / 72.75″ wide

  • Sew up the top panels. Leave 16 cm of the from flaps unseamed.leave 16 cm of the oversized crochet cardigan unseamed

  • The Sleeves of the Cardigan

    Both sleeves are identical. Repeat the process below for each sleeve.

  • With the main color yarn.Join the yarn in the armholes of the chunky oversized crochet cardigan

  • Row 1: Pick up 60 (54, 66, 72, 78) st around the armhole in dc. Start with a ch2 (doesn’t count as a stitch) and finish with a slip st in the 2nd ch.oversized crochet cardigan pattern FREE - pick up stitches for the sleeves

  • Row 2: ch2, [dc 4, dec] 10 (9, 11, 12, 13) times, finish with a slip st in the 2nd ch. <50 (45, 55, 60, 72)>

  • Row 3 – 16 : ch2, dc around, finish with a slip st in the 2nd ch.finished sleeve of the comfy oversized crochet cardigan pattern

  • Switch to grey yarn,
    Row 17: ch1, sc around, join with a slip st in the ch.

  • Row 18: ch4, skip 2, [puff st, ch2, skip 2] repeat around, 1 (1, 1, 0, 1) dc, join with a slip st in the 2nd ch.

  • Repeat row 17 and 18 twice more. Repeat row 17 once more.

  • Go back to the main color yarn and repeat row 3 two times.

  • Bind off and weave in the ends.

Blocking and Sewing

Carefully block your cardigan.

Don’t skip this step as it can make a huge difference. Read my detailed tutorial on why block, how-to, and all my tips and tricks if you need help.

FREE Oversized Crochet Cardigan Pattern

If you’ve enjoyed this pattern, share it with your yarn loving friends. Share a picture of your project and tag me @knittingwithchopsticks or use #knittingwithchopsticks. I love seeing what you make!

free knitting and crochet cheatsheets

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