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Find all my easy knitting patterns here. As defined by the Yarn Craft Council easy projects may include simple stitch patterns, color work, and/or shaping.

Simple mittens free knitting pattern featured image

Simple Mittens Knitting Pattern

Free knitting patterns for simple mittens. This pattern is worked with double pointed needles. It is a perfect project for a first time using double pointed needles…

knit messy bun beanie pattern

Cable Rib Hat Knitting Pattern

As a twist on the classic ribbed hat, this free knit messy bun beanie pattern can be made with or without a hole in the top for a bun…

umbral shawl knitting pattern

Umbral Shawl Knitting Pattern

“Umbral” is the adjective form of umbra, a word in astronomy describing the shadow cast by an eclipse. The soothing blue tones flowing into each other in this shawl…

X marks the spot blanket square knitting pattern

X Marks the Spot Blanket Square

A new blanket square knitting pattern, X Marks the Spot, is now a free knitting pattern here on the blog! Read about the construction and Cozy Fall MAL it…

Easy Cable Sweater Knitting Pattern free

Easy Cable Sweater Knitting Pattern

You’ve always dreamed of making one of those intricate Celtic womens cable knit sweater pattern but feel like you don’t have the skills you’d need? This easy cable knit…

simple knit cardigan pattern

Salt and Pepper Knit Cardigan

A simple knit cardigan pattern, the Salt and Pepper Cardigan, is a new free pattern here on the blog. Read all about my inspiration, the perfect yarn I choose,…

Appaloosa Knit a Sweater Pattern FREE

Appaloosa Sweater Knitting Pattern

I love wearing chunky cardigans (like the Hometown Chunky Cardigan or the Apricity Cardigan) but when the end of winter is nearing and the weather heats up, I like…