What to do with Leftover Yarn : Stash Busting Challenge

Scarp yarn project ideas

What do you keep your leftover yarn in? You know… those little tiny balls of scrap yarn or half skeins of yarn from past projects that you just can’t part with.

For me, it’s a clear jar. And when that’s full, a basket. But when the basket is full, then it’s time for a stash busting weekend!

I partnered up with Janne from Joy of Motion Crochet to challenge our designer friends with helping us create a list of projects perfect for all that leftover yarn! What we came up with is 111 fun, cute, and useful scrap yarn projects to gift of use for yourself.

Using this list, you’ll easily clear out your own scrap yarn pile.

No time right now? Pin these scrap yarn project ideas for later!

What to do with leftover yarn: 111 Free scrap yarn projects

How does the Yarn Stash Busting Challenge work?

Designers shared a new set of crochet and knit scrap yarn projects each week. Unfortunately, the challenge is now over, but you can still find all of the challenge’s 111 free scrap yarn projects below!

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Knitting Patterns using Leftover Yarn

It was tricky finding knitting designers to participate in our challenge. Therefore, many of the patterns below are crochet. If you’re looking for knitting patterns using leftover yarn, I’ve highlighted them in blue for you!

free knitting and crochet cheatsheets

Week 1: 16 Amazing Scrap Yarn Projects

What to do with leftover yarn? Week 1 patterns 1 to 9

1. Easy Plant Hanger by Joy of Motion Crochet

2. Pretty in Pink Booties by Fosbas Design

3. Brighton Beanie by Stitch and Hound

4. Party Bear Coasters by Raffamusa Design

5. Easter Eggs by Desert Blossom Crafts

6. Daisy Headband by BearRye

7. Llama wall hanging by E’ClaireMakery

8. Crochet Ragdoll Heart by Yarnhild

9. X Bangle by Creations by Courtney

Scrap yarn projects week 1 10 to 16

10. Ice Cream Cozy by Sigoni Macaroni

11. Simple and Sweet Bow Tie Head Warmer by Itchin for Some Stitchin

12. Kimono Baby Booties by The Blue Elephants

13. Luxe Spa Headband by Through the Loop YC

14. Lacy Little Hat by Crafting Each Day

15. Knotted Mesh Headband by Sweet Thing Crochet

16. Peak-a-Boo Baby Hat by me, Knitting with Chopsticks

Week 2: 28 Ways to Use Up Your Yarn Stash

Scrap yarn projects week 2 projects 1 to 9

1. Crochet Coasters by Joy of Motion Crochet

2. Tunisian Crochet Tresca Potholder by Raffamusa Designs

3. Triangular Headband by Bear Rye

4. Diamond Reflection Cowl by Another Mum Fights the Dust

5. Bobble Fingerless Gloves by E’ClaireMakery

6. Marley Beanie by the Blue Elephants

7. Cali the Cactus by The Loophole Fox

8. Cross Bookmark by Edith Blayn (pattern unavailable)

9. Coco Earrings by Creations by Courtney

What to do with leftover yarn week 2 projects 10 to 18

10. Forest Trail Headband by Ned and Mimi

11. Two (or more) colour cowl by King and Eye

12. Monkey Around Boot Cuffs by Through the Loop YC

13. Tulip Twist Headband by Burgundy and Blush

14. Boho Plant Hanger by Brittany Alice Crochet

15. Mason jar cozies by Carroway Crochet

16. Arewa Bracelet by Fosbas Designs

17. Crochet ragdoll jellyfish by Yarn Hild

18. Two toned Scrunchies by Desert Blossom Crafts

Scrap yarn projects week 2 projects 19 to 27

19. Sweet Daisies Potholder by Needle Klankers

20. Farmhouse Washcloth by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

21. Suze-Anna Raceback Top by Desamour Designs

22. Easter Eggs by Itchin’ for Some Stitchin’

23. Baby Bunny Hat by Hanjan Crochet

24. Embossed Heart Pouch by Sweet Thing Crochet

25. Mini Unicorn Amigurumi by Loops and Love Crochet

26. Stash Busting Washcloth by Crafting Each Day

27. Freeze Pop Sleeve by Sigoni Macaroni

28. Finally, Soap Socks by me, Knitting with Chopsticks

Yarn stash busting crochet pattern 28 week 2

Week 3: Patterns Using Leftover Yarn

How to use up yarn stash week 3 patterns 1 to 10
  1. Sunday at the Pool Coasters by Knitting with Chopsticks

2. Striped Sunglasses Pouch by Joy of Motion Crochet

3. Basketweave Baby Booties by Raffamusa Designs

4. Quick and Easy Earrings by Desert Blossom Crafts

5. Spring Sparkle Coasters by Noors Knits

6. Baby Knit Booties by The Blue Elephants

7. Diamonds Hat by Creations by Courtney

8. Zipper Pouch by Ned and Mimi

9. Butterfly Cardigan by E’ClaireMakery

How to use up yarn stash week 4 patterns 10 to 18

10. Team Spirit Scrunchie by Simply Hooked by Janet

11. Flower Face Scrubs by Burgundy and Blush

12. Sideways Dishcloth by No Hooks Given

13. Assorted Rose Bouquet by The Loophole Fox

14. Fox Face Brooche by Cloudberry Cat

15. N Stitch Mug Cozy by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

16. The Classic Cowl by Hanjan Crochet

17. Summerside Dishcloth by Through the Loop YC

18. Diamond Bobble Scrubie by Sweet Thing Crochet

Scrap yarn projects crochet week 3 patterns 19 to 27

19. Spiral Baby Hat by Crafting Each Day

20. Simple Basket by Yarn Hild

21. Honeycomb Cowl by One Little Hook

22. Short and Chunky Fingerless Gloves by Corroway Crochet

23. Whale Amigurumi by Loops and Love Crochet

24. Easy AF Crochet Headband by Brittany Alice Crochet

25. Reusable Crochet Ear Protector by Sigoni Macaroni

26. Spring Modern Granny Infinity Scarf by Itchin’ for some Stitchin’

27. Venus’s Looking Glass Motif by Needle Klankers

28. Tunesian Mug Rug by Desamour Design

what to do with leftover yarn? Yarn stash projects for both knitting and crochet

29. Florabelle Fingerless Gloves by Edith Blayn (pattern unavailable)

30. Easy Boho Evening Purse by King and Eye

31. Arewa Ear Warmer by Fosbas Design

Week 4: Small Leftover Yarn Projects

What to do with leftover yarn week 4 patterns 1 to 9
  1. Happy Feet Baby Socks by Knitting with Chopsticks

2. You favorite potholder by Joy of Motion Crochet

3. Strawberry Pacifier Clip by Raffamusa Designs

4. Rosebud Beanie by The Blue Elephants

5. 3 face scrubbies and bowl by Edyth Blayn (pattern unavailable)

6. Woodland Tote by Desert Blossom Crafts

7. Western Style Wall Hanging by Simply Hooked by Janet

8. Primrose granny square by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

9. Everlasting Infinity Scarf by Through the Loop Yarn Crafts

Scrap yarn crochet projects week 4 patterns 10 to 18

10. Stashbusting Lace Scarf by Crafting Each Day

11. Crocus Headband by Burgundy and Blush

12. Seaglass Bandana Scarf by Hanjan Crochet

13. Two Toned Beanie by E’ClaireMakery

14. Crochet Flower Pattern by Another Mum Fights the Dust

15. Ice Cream Cone by the Loophole Fox

16. Butterfly Chapsticks Cozy by Sweet Thing Crochet

17. Tunesian Twist Earwarmer by One Little Hook

18. Ombre Coasters by Ned and Mimi

Yarn stash busting crochet patterns 19 to 27

19. Dreamer Beanie by Carroway Crochet

20. Zig Zag Zipper Bag by Loops and Love Crochet

21. Mandala Monster by Sigoni Macaroni

22. Big and Thick Dishcloth Scrubbie by Itchin’ for some Stitchin’

23. Not Knit Dishcloth by Desamours Designs

24. Rainbow Dreams Wall Hanging by Stuck on You Crochet

25. T-shirt yarn crochet slippers by Knitz N Purlz

26. Saphire Star Granny Square by Ceochet Cloudberry

27. Alpine Crochet Purse by Brittany Alice Crochet

Projects for leftover yarn 28 to 33 + bonusses

28. Palm Tree Tapestry Bag by Creations by Courtney

29. The Flora Flower by Yarn Hild

30. All Tied Up Headband by Needle Klankers

31. Sunglasses Case by Pine Tree Crochet

32. Slouchy Hypster Beanie by King and Eye

33. Cute Pouch by Fosbas Design

Looking for more ideas on what to do with your leftover yarn? Here are a few extras from my blog:

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