10 Days of Free Knitting Stitch Patterns

10 free knit stitch patterns

Are you ready to explore new stitch patterns and skills? You enjoyed the Crochet Stitch Exploration event so much I decided to throw a knit version. Make sure you pin this post as this is where you’ll find all the knit stitch patterns!

10 Free Knit Stitch Patterns

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Discover 10 knitting stitch tutorials with step-by-step pictures ranging from basic knitting stitches for beginners to easy knitting stitches. All of these work great for blankets, scarves, garments and other projects. Every day a new pattern will be released. You will get a written pattern (with detailed pictures) for each stitch, as well as stitch multiples so you can easily use it in your own projects.

Each pattern is written for a 6″ / 15cm square so you can make the swatches to practice and assemble them into a blanket or pillow. All patterns are written for worsted weight yarn but you can easily use them on other yarn weights.


Knitting Stitch Patterns Printable PDF

All stitch tutorials will be available for free on the blog but if you :

  • don’t want to wait for the patterns to be released one by one
  • want the convenience of a printable PDF version for easy recording, to take notes, etc. 

you can grab the bundle with all 10 stitches here. Or add it to your Ravelry queue here.

Sometimes it’s just easier to have a stitch dictionary on hand when you’re deciding on your next project rather than having to search online and remember where you saved that stitch you want to use.

Click here to buy the printable PDF of all 10 knit stitch patterns

How to participate in the KAL?

Learning new stitches and techniques is always more fun with others! Join the Knit A Long (KAL) and share your swatches, questions, comments etc!

To participate you can:

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Day 1: The Wave Stitch

Find the detailed tutorial for this fun beginner knit stitch pattern here.

The wave stitch: a fun combination of knits and purls to make a chevron beginner knit stitch pattern

Day 2: Ladder Stitch

Find the detailed tutorial for this easy lace knit stitch pattern here.

Day 3: Horseshoe Cable Stitch

Find the detailed tutorial for this cable knit stitch pattern here.

Day 4: Mini Squares Stitch

Find the detailed step by step tutorial here.

Day 5: Simple Lacey Stitch

Find the detailed step by step tutorial here.

Simple lacy knit stitch pattern

Day 6: Seed Rib Stitch

Find the detailed knitting stitch tutorial here.

Day 7: The Vines Lace Stitch

Access the detailed free tutorial here.

free lace knitting stitch pattern

Day 8: The Vertical Lines Stitch

Find the detailed knitting stitch tutorial here.

vertical lines knit stitch pattern

Day 9: Cable Rib Stitch

Find the step by step knitting stitch pattern here.

Day 10: The Strawberry Seed Stitch

Find the detailed knit stitch tutorial here.

Crochet Stitch Exploration

If you enjoy this event, you’ll love the crochet version. You can find all 30 crochet stitches patterns here or grab the PDF pattern bundle here.

free knitting and crochet cheatsheets

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