Easy Lace Crochet Stitches

graphic featuring the broken shell easy lace crochet stitches

Lace crochet stitches add a wonderful touch to edging, shawls, summer garments, and details on other pieces. Finding easy ones that are still pretty is no easy feat. Thankfully, I’ve gathered some of my favorite open crochet stitches for any occasion.

Don’t have the time now? Save these simple lace crochet stitches for later!

graphic featuring 3 different open crochet stitches

Crochet lace stitches are not the ideal types of stitches for just any project. However, they always add a beautiful extra touch. Great for shawls or summer garments. Open crochet stitches work well for market bags, accessories, and garment edging or sleeves as well! No matter the purpose, I have a stitch that will work perfect for your crochet project!

Lace Crochet Stitches for Your Next Project

Open Mesh Crochet Lace Stitch

open mesh open crochet stitches square in pink

This stitch is a very open crochet stitch. It is the kind of lace stitch that has limited number of uses because of its negative space. However, that doesn’t stop the Open Mesh lace crochet stitch from adding beautiful details to your crochet projects! It will be gorgeous as edging and borders, shawls, cover-ups, and more! I’ve used it in my June Summer Coverup if you want to see it in action.

Broken Shell Lace Crochet Stitch Pattern

broken shell lace crochet stitches square using three colors, mint, teal, and off white

Depending on your project, using the Broken Shell stitch with one color or multiple colors can give your project exactly what it needs! This open crochet stitch is wonderful for crafting shawls or summer garments. Check out my Caroline sweater to see it in action.

Triangle Lace Crochet Stitch

photo is of the triangle lace crochet stitches in green

The Triangle Lace crochet stitch is a fun and modern way to play with geometry and negative space in your crochet projects. It would be great for crafting accessories, home decor, shawls, the possibilities are endless!

Bobble Bridge Stitch Pattern

pink bobble bridge crochet lace stitches

I love a good bobble. I think it is so fun in contrast to the delicate lace. The Bobble Bridge stitch makes for an open crochet stitch with a bit more structure.

O Eyelets Stitch Crochet Pattern

teal o eyelets open crochet stitches

Larger gaps and crossing double crochets create the O Eyelets stitch. It is an easy open crochet stitch that allows for more negative space than most stitches may. It makes for fun and cozy garments and beautiful shawls.

Mini Triangles Crochet Stitch Tutorial

teal mini triangles square lace crochet stitches

The Mini Triangles stitch is a modern take on a grid inspired stitch. It’s slight texture and small gaps makes it wonderful to use for lighter garments, edging, details, or accessories. It is an open crochet stitch with smaller openings that allows for a wider variety of uses!

Cubist Flower Crochet Stitch Tutorial

green cubist flower lace crochet stitch patterns

This one is probably one of my favorite lace crochet stitch patterns. The Cubist Flower stitch isn’t for every project, but when it fits, it packs a punch! This beautiful filet stitch was inspired by flowers and adds a fun geometric touch to floral lace.

Lace Squares Crochet Stitch Pattern

light blue lace squares crochet lace motif patterns free

Geometric lace is such a fun contrast. We usually think of lace as organic, flowing, and intricate as opposed to the heavy, sharp, and angular nature of geometric design. This Lace Squares crochet open stitch brings a beautifully interesting balance between the two. This stitch is sure to be a part of some stunning pieces!

Criss Cross Crochet Lace Stitch

criss cross easy open crochet stitches in light blue

Geometric and full of character, the Criss Cross stitch is a lace crochet stitch pattern that will make a great addition to your next project. I love that both sides of the stitch are gorgeous (although, I have a preference for the back side) and its light texture and slight holes allow for endless uses!

Easy Mesh Lace Crochet Stitch

easy open crochet stitches easy mesh stitch square in a teal/blue color

This Easy Mesh stitch is one of the most wonderful crochet lace motif patterns free of charge! It creates a visual that is neither too organic nor geometric and adds a fun texture without being over the top. I can see this making an awesome beach or produce bag, a summer coverup, or fun home decor projects!

Cat’s Eye Crochet Stitch

cat's eye lace crochet stitch patterns

My Cat’s Eye stitch is a less open crochet lace stitch that allows for the use of a lace stitch without larger gaps. It would work well as a blanket, scarves, or as a border! This stitch is made from basic stitches making it very easy to learn!

Cherry Puff Crochet Stitch Pattern

Cherry Puff easy open crochet stitches

The Cherry Puff stitch is one of the many great options for easy open crochet stitches. It is simple to crochet and gives and intricate touch to a crochet project. This one would work great for edging on dresses or sweaters!

Eyelet Puff Stitch Pattern

eyelet puff crochet open stitches in pink

The Eyelet Puff stitch is a very easy open crochet stitch. It adds loads of texture and negative space without being too intricate to create or delicate to handle. It combines puff stitches, chains, and treble crochet stitches to form a fun textured grid.

Grid Puff Crochet Lace Stitch

grid puff crochet lace motif patterns free in blue

For a uniform lace crochet stitch, the Grid Puff stitch is a winner. It works wonders for adding extra texture and detail with it’s open and simple to create (but not to look at!) form.

Vase Crochet Stitch

vase beaded lace crochet stitch pattern

Textured and totally gorgeous, the Vase Stitch is an open crochet stitch made for creating. This one is made up of bead stitches and basic crochet stitches combined to create one of the most interesting open crochet stitches.

Lace Diamond Crochet Lace Stitch

lace diamond crochet lace stitches in pink

The Lace Diamond crochet lace stitch is an elegant stitch with a uniform pattern. Completely reversible and light and airy, this stitch would make for a wonderful summer coverup or for a bit of extra detail on garments.

Floating Bobbles Crochet Stitch

floating bobbles easy open crochet stitches

The Floating Bobbles crochet stitch gives any project such a whimsical and playful edge! The repeated bobbles create this really cool texture. That is what makes one of my top lace crochet stitch patterns. Its purpose is to add texture, visual interest, and a strong personality to your project. This one most definitely pulls through!

I love combining the basic crochet stitches to create fun new stitches that add just the right touch to a crochet project. These lace crochet stitches are no exception. Sometimes, I even find it helpful just trying out new stitches. Especially when I was new to crochet, it could be confusing trying to keep track of all of the different symbols and deciphering written instructions (especially with a language barrier!). I found that wrapping my mind around the charts and graphs was the easiest way to refine my crochet skills and become better prepared to read patterns. If you find yourself becoming easily overwhelmed when attempting to read patterns, or simply want to improve, check out my Conquer Crochet Charts and Graphs course! It will make a world of a difference, and you will be able to read any pattern, no matter the language it was written in!

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