Charity Cozy Fall Knit-A-Long 2022

Cozy fall knit a long

Update: The make-a-long is over but you can find all blanket square patterns for free on the designers blogs below!

Are you ready for an amazing make-a-long?!

The Charity Cozy Fall MAL 2022 edition was hosted in October! Every weekday for the month of October 3 blanket square patterns were shared: one knit, one crochet and one tunisian crochet!

You’ll find all the knit squares on this post. If you’re a crocheter too, head to the pages below for the crochet and Tunisian crochet squares:

No time right now? Pin these cozy 8×8 knitted square patterns free for later!

20 Free 8" knit blanket square patterns

Charity Cozy Fall MAL

Throughout the month of October, 20 free blanket square knitting patterns were shared (one on every weekday) as part of the Charity Cozy Fall MAL hosted with Noorain from Noor’s Knits as a fun way to make a cozy blanket together and give back to charities at the same time.

Every square is designed to be 20 cm / 8″ square in worsted weight yarn so you can use up your stash and mix and match any squares.

With this event, we didn’t just want to help you create the coziest fall blankets but we also want to give back.

Both Noorain and I have had loved ones affected by childhood cancer so we decided to organize this event as a means to give back where it’s most needed. A portion of proceeds from this event were donated to Cure Childhood Cancer.

About Cure Childhood Cancer

Cure Childhood Cancer’s mission is to help fund research for childhood cancer and support the kids and their families going through these tough times. From meals and counseling to financial assistance, CURE is committed to walking alongside families throughout their cancer journey. You can find more information over on their website here.

How the MAL works

how to participate in the charity cozy fall makealong

What you’ll need

All knit blanket square patterns are designed using worsted weight yarn.

Depending on the design and stitch used different needle sizes are recommended but yarn is always worsted so you can go through your stash and pick out your favorite worsted weight yarn and make a gorgeous knit squares blanket!

MAL Knit Blanket Square Pattern Bundle

The Cozy Fall Knit Blanket Square bundle contains all 20 knit blanket square patterns of the MAL.

Grab your bundle here >>

You crochet too?

Or save extra by grabbing the MAL bundle Trifecta (20 knit, 20 crochet and 20 Tunisian crochet blanket square patterns) right here.

The bundle(s) is (are) perfect if you:

  • want to get a head start
  • don’t want to wait for daily squares to be released
  • want a convenient printable PDF to take notes, follow offline and be ad free
Click here to grab the cozy fall knitting blanket squares bundle

How to Give Back

Even though the official event is over you can always help by gifting your knitted squares or blanket

We all love to knit more items than we can use. If you don’t have a particular person in mind for your blanket we want to encourage you to donate it to people in need.

Here is a list of charities accepting blankets and/or blanket squares you can send your items to:

When sending your items, please do not tags, labels or pinning of sizes of any of the items as they will need to be removed prior to shipping.

Please send them to: 

  • Knit for Kids 

c/o World Vision

210 Overlook Drive,

Sewickley PA 15143

Find your local chapter from the drop down on the upper right hand corner 

  • Share-a-Square Texas:

14 Box Leaf Court

Greer, SC 29650

Don’t miss a Square!

Signup to my event email list below and be the first one to know when a new make-a-long starts!

Charity Cozy Fall 8×8 Knitted Square Patterns Free

arrowwood knit blanket square pattern

Arrowwood Square – Knitting with Chopsticks

This knit blanket square pattern is for the warm and cozy fall blanket that instantly becomes everyone’s favorite. With the cute arrow texture, it makes the perfect afghan—beautiful and cozy.

The Arrowwood knit blanket square pattern is beginner-friendly, only using knits and purls.

Find the free knit square pattern here >>

Ribby Knit Square – Christaco Design

The Ribby Knit Square features textured vertical columns made with simple knits and purls. This 8 by 8 square is an easy four row repeat. The worsted weight yarn drapes beatuifully so its perfect for a blanket.

Find the free knit square pattern here >>

Spiral Ribbed Square – Noors Knits

This beginner-friendly pattern is for an 8 x 8 in. knit square using a combination of the broad spiral stitch and 2 x 2 rib stitch to give a fun play on textures.

Find the free knit blanket square pattern here >>

Greensleeves Square – Hooked for Life Publishing

Greensleeves Square knits up super quickly in worsted weight yarn. The garter stitch border surrounds a simple lace repeat.

Find the free knit blanket square pattern here >>

Grannies Garter Stitch Square – Wandering Hoof Ranch

The easiest knit square pattern is the collection to knit up quick and draw attention to surrounding squares. Add dimension with varigated yarn.

Find the free knit blanket square pattern here >>

Fall Intarsia Knit Square – Easy on the Tongue

Knit an 8 x 8 square with the word: “FALL”, each letter in its own color. It’s an easy introduction to intarsia knitting, and suitable for the beginner knitter ready for a challenge! Make a blanket with the knitted square or add some splashes of fall to your decor with a pillow on the couch. Happy knitting.

Find the free knit blanket square pattern here >>

Cable Rib Square – Knitting with Chopsticks

With the Cabled Rib Square, you get all the cozy cable texture without any counting headaches. A great pattern to learn cable knitting for the first time.

Find the free knit blanket square pattern here >>

Mura Square – Christaco Design

You won’t believe more knits than purls make the Mura Square, but its true. An eight row repeat makes this blanket square interesting for everyone from beginners to experienced knitters.

Find the free knit blanket square pattern here >>

X Marks the Spot – Knitting with Chopsticks

Learn how to knit this easy X marks the spot knit blanket square with my detailed knitting tutorial (includes step by step photos and a video!)

Find the free knit blanket square pattern here >>

Vertical Lines Square – Knitting with Chopsticks

The Vertical Lines Square is exactly what it sounds like. But it’s anything but boring. Learn how to knit this fun knit blanket square with my easy step-by-step tutorial.

Find the free knit blanket square pattern here >>

Basket Stitch Square – Pams Cozy Corner

This basket stitch knit creates a cozy and textured square pattern perfect for those chilly days.

Find the free knit blanket square pattern here >>

Maple Leaf Square – Banana Moon Studio

Celebrate the changing leaves in the fall with this beautiful knit maple leaf blanket square. The leaf in the center of the square is a subtle shape made with reverse stockinette stitch.

Find the free knit blanket square pattern here >>

Shelter me in Diamonds Square – Dejoye Designs

Designed as a symbol of protection, the Shelter Me in Diamonds Afghan square is a fun corner to corner 8″ x 8″ square. It is a perfect pattern to play with texture and learn the versatility of corner to corner knitting.

Find the free knit blanket square pattern here >>

Weaving Wheat Square – Jojodabom

A simple six stitch cable on a lace background creates a square that reminds me of the hay fields of Northern New York before harvest

Find the free knit blanket square pattern here >>

Wave Square – Knitting with Chopsticks

If you’re looking for a fun textured knitting square, the Wave Stitch Square is it. You’ll love the texture of this stitch! Check out my full step-by-step knitting pattern here.

Find the free knit blanket square pattern here >>

Cables and Tweed – Easy on the Tongue

Cables and Tweed Knitted square? You won’t believe how the tweed effect is formed – it gives another purpose to these little stripes that knitters don’t like. And the cables can be knitted without a cable needle, a very lazy method. The pattern is absolutely gorgeous and I’m sure you’ll love it.

Find the free knit blanket square pattern here >>

Apple Picking Square – Jojodabom

Seed Stitch ladders follow up a cabled “tree trunk” reminding me of the days apple picking with my littles.

Find the free knit blanket square pattern here >>

Horseshoe Cable Square – Knitting with Chopsticks

Learn how to knit the Horseshoe Cable square with my easy knitting stitch tutorial. This fun bold stitch is perfect for a solid colored blanket square. Check out my detailed step-by-step knitting pattern (with video tutorial!).

Find the free knit blanket square pattern here >>

Mini Checkered Square – Knitting with Chopsticks

The thick textured (and reversible!) look of the Mini Squares knitting stitch makes it perfect for a blanket. I’ll walk you through this easy knitting pattern with my step-by-step tutorial.

Find the free knit blanket square pattern here >>

Checked Square – Christaco Design

Simple purls and knits create a checked fabric in this easy square knitting pattern. This 8″ by 8″ knit square has texure that just calls for you to snuggle up in a cozy blanket.

Find the free knit blanket square pattern here >>

More Knit Blanket Square Patterns

Want even more square patterns for knit blankets? Check out last year’s Cozy Fall KAL for 20 more gorgeous knit blanket squares.

free knitting and crochet cheatsheets

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